Monday, April 30, 2007

Danger Will Robinson!!!

A mixed up, jumbled up, shook up post ahead.

This time, I knew going in that this boogie would be a mess!

So much stuff banging around my mind. A lot of it jangling and clanking.

The last several days have been a cage battle royale to the death match 'tween me and these evil wisdom teeth implanted in my jaws by some malevolent being.

Four against one.

I'm winning for now. They have a way of launching coordinated attacks, wreaking havoc and retreating.

I coaxed my way into some, uh... relievers.
"I hate to let you have these while you're drinking beer. It says right here, "Don't take these while your drinking beer."
"That's like a, a, a speed limit sign. It's a SUGGESTION!!! Gimme the drugs."

Tech Wars.

I finally downloaded the software to get the AirCard working on the laptop. The Thrill of Victory was short lived. The AirCard screen shows that I am connected. The Control Panel says that I am connected. But, I can't get to Explorer.

"Will he prevail?! Tune in next week!"

I slept through most of last nights storms. I slept through all of the morning. I finally rose up about one this afternoon.

The heat was down the swelling was down that's when I heard that hard drive sound.

{{{Good Gawd Ya'll, Elvis Costello doing Lexus ad's on TV!!!}}}

I made the rounds through my favorite blogs. La Gringa's Blogicito, Bob's FH1100 Pilot and Hal's Dispatches From The Away Dad Nation. All had something to say. And I look forward to their posts.

Gringa is the most prolific of what I'll call 'Us' for now. She posts every day it seems.

The rest of 'Us' are a little more tentative and or sporadic. We wait 'til the spirit moves us or until we see or experience something we feel is worthy of a post. (That's my take Guys. Let me know if I'm wrong.)

Hal had a post about writing. In a way, I could have writen the same post.

I want to do it (write). I like, nay Love to write. I haven't developed a discipline.

I don't write enough often enough. I don't read enough often enough. I don't trust myself enough. I don't open up enough. I don't listen enough. I don't get out enough therefore I don't meet enough people.

Therefore, wherein, to wit I don't take in the stimulous to attract the Muse! (Thanks Hal! I just put enough together to get it.)

In my humble view, everyone that creates lives with a muse of some sort.

She comes and goes. When she's around we create. When she goes into hiding we lament our lack of creativity and commitment to craft.

So how do we lure her out of hiding? OH! Here's an interesting thought. Do we really want her around all of the time?

Think about it.

Everything needs a balance. Equilibrium.

That's enough waxing philosophically for now.

Black Oak Arkansas... "Lord Have Mercy"

The halls of Kharma are like a maze. So many choices. Decisions. It can be overwhelming. The winds are light and flukey. There are dead ends and every corner is blind.

I said in the beginning that this would be a shook up post.

This new image of the Halls just hit me on the way home a while ago. For the longest time I thought of them as one long hall. Doofus.

Writing. Pain. Joy. Rain. Thunder. Stimulii.

"To me the road is wide
To you it's all black and white
I see roundabouts with spokes like eyes
You can't grasp the shades of gray in the sky
I wont challenge your palette
I wont try to point the way
(Don't you try to lead me astray!)
I'm gonna make me a paper moon
I'm gonna tie it to a silver string
I'm gonna set is alight
I'm gonna let it fly
I'll ignore you
if you ask me why..."
"Paper Moon" DRS 12/28/2003

Winter '03/ '04 was a Real winter of REAL discontent.
I had to surrender. I hate to f*%*ing surrender.
I had to surrender to the American Legal System where $$$'s rule.
Where ALL of the "Judges" hate their Fathers.
Someday that sum-bitch will step out into the street,
in front of the Dodge.
The last thing he will hear is her roar.
I will eat his still beating heart, raw.

Who me? Bitter? When it comes to my Kids. Damn Straight.
Step in front of the Dodge.

The Battle continues. Devolving to a childish state.

I am sorry. Not your place to have to listen to my rage.

What else is in the journal...?

Whoa. Good thing this is a short one...

"I stood on Elk Mountain
and shouted my Daddy's name
On the echo I heard calling
I heard my children
calling out for me..."
DRS Untitled/ Unfinished '03/04

Another short that I kinda like...

"... and the Archimedian Screw
holds the anchor rode
the tie that binds
Bernoulli's wing
to Earth and Sky..."
DRS Untitled/ Unfinished

Ten hand scrawled pages of a screen play...

OK, here is a good short to wrap this episode...

If these pages
full of cries and rages
were all that you knew
of all about me.
You'd be certain
that I was hurtin'.
You'd surely see
a threat to society
Well, yes
the pains are real
they are not all that I feel..."

M.i.B.- "No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home."

Tommy Lee Jones.
Yeah, me 'n Tom go way back.
"Blue Skies" Tommy Lee, Jessica Lang, Whatizname 'n me.
OK, no billing for me.
I did get a check and a really bad haircut out of the deal.
I waited years for the movie to come out.
You can't EVEN SEE me. I was on the wrong side of the wings that we were pushing around the hangar for no apparent reason.

Yup. It's been a looong strange trip.

M.i.B. is over. Time to load the CD player. I should wrap this thing, do some writing on the side. Take another dip in the pool tomorrow.

"Ain't this boogie a mess..." Frank Zappa

(For the record, Blogger again refuses to check my spelling.)

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Hal Johnson said...

"I don't write enough often enough. I don't read enough often enough. I don't trust myself enough. I don't open up enough. I don't listen enough." That may be the best summing-up of creative obstacles I've read, David. I tend to look at things in an "I don't do . . ." way myself. Maybe we can change your statements around, make them more positive, and come up with "David's Rules for Faithful Writing":

1. Write more often.
2. Read more often.
3. Trust yourself more.
4. Open up more.
5. Listen more.
6. Meet more people.

Thanks, David. I think I'm going to print this and post it on my refrigerator.