Saturday, April 21, 2007


I don't feel much like writing I just wish the trip was through.

I've worked on a couple of posts in the last couple of days. I got really torqued a time or two (at Blogger) and just deleted everything I had written. I think I saved a bit to drafts. We'll see.

[Shaking off the gloom.....]

Theoretically, I go home Monday. The hotel had me scheduled to leave yesterday. I checked my flight this morning, It says "Status-'Cancelled'".

Huh? The same person made all of my arrangements.

I feel a little like Connor McCloud of the Clan McCloud. In the early scene of "Highlander".

The Locals had just realized he was not like them.

He died in battle and lived to tell the tale.

So what was the perfectly natural response from his family, friends and neighbors?

"STONE 'IM!!!"

His buddy Angus intervenes,
"Theyer'll be no stonin'! Not heah. Not today.
To McCloud,
"Can you walk?"
"I'll bloody well walk out of heah."

[Trying again to shake it off.............]

It seems that Yellow Dog likes being fed on a regular basis!

It remains to be seen how that will translate into Friendship and Loyalty.

Ya never know. Someone may offer a ride in a newer truck and steak instead of Alpo.

LOL! My luck, Yellow Dog and my buddy Pop will have bonded in my absence!

Finally had a meal in this hotel that didn't disappoint. (It wasn't amazing but it was edible and reasonably priced.) So, I'm headed back upstairs. It's freakin' cold in here.

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