Sunday, December 8, 2013

The company SOP says to rehearse these things... So,

Just a draft. A little something I've been thinking about... a lot. Gentlemen, In certain venues there is an explicit term for this sort of meeting. Given the current climate, I will forego that term and refer to this as a, "Get Right or Go Home" meeting. When I first came into this situation, my intention was to make this place function with the crew I inherited. I stated as much. I was laughed at. Actually, laughed out loud. Then I was told, "Wait 'til you work with them!" Turns out I was wrong. And they were right. I have a crew that I can not rely on. A crew that I can't trust. A crew that wont even go the first mile. Much less the extra mile. I could call you out one at a time and point out your weaknesses. Training says I shouldn't do that. Might embarrass people. But I wont do it because I don't have time and I don't believe that any of you have the integrity to be ashamed about your poor performance. This is a service contract. We serve at the will and whim of the customer and the airplanes. Not, our individual wills. Not at the whims of wives, dogs, girlfriends or social lives. This is not an eight hour a day five day a week job. This site has been so slack, for so long that it is so far behind it's unreal. You guys come to me asking about Comp Time?! How can anyone have comp time or any time off when this place is so messed up? OH! Wait, eight of you had most or all of the weekend off. Just like you walked off and left an airplane "down" for four days because of a perceived holiday weekend. That's right, I'm sorry, you are more important than the job. What was I thinking? We are here for work. Work is the priority. This is not to be a European Vacation. I screwed up last week when I announced the upcoming work. I failed to recognize and acknowledge the crew I was dealing with. I apologize. What I should have done was make the weekend Mandatory. I relied on you to do the right thing. You failed to do so. Again. I should have known that if you had an "Out" you would take it. You did. Two of you couldn't care less. Well, AT LEAST two of you. But two of you are leaving for school and vacation. You think the mountain of work in front of us wont impact you. You couldn't be farther off of the mark. It will impact you. Profoundly. I was sent here to square this site away and I will. With or without you. Everyone in this room needs to know that they will be put on an improvement plan. For two of you, that will be in addition to existing plans. Everything will be documented. Everything will be reported. I will achieve my mandate. I will fix this site. I have four guys right this minute. With the four of them and NONE of you... four guys, I could actually not worry, not come in here every single day, not worry that if I'm not here things wont get done... I've got one transfer resume as well. I've got the customer telling me he has people in the wings. Step up. You wasted three days of our ten. I got more done Saturday morning that the ENTIRE night shift did Friday night. I'm done. I'm fed up. I'm initiating paperwork to reconstruct this entire crew. It's up to you to give me sufficient, sustainable reason not to replace you. Get to fucking work.