Sunday, April 19, 2009

Choose Your Unit Of Measure

318 Cubic Inches, 750 CC's, 24 Ft?
They all add up to fun.

"Maggie, somewhere in Texas enroute
to San Antonio."

"Maggie, The Dodge and
The Mobile Command Post"

The Dodge and I have been around the
block. Five or six years and one hundred 
thousand miles worth.

Last Spring I bought the little trailer.
24' of self sufficiency. It was a cozy spot.
Sure, after a while it felt a touch tight.
Cramped even. But, it was paid for. All

When The Architect got his new Harley
Maggie became a Legacy.

Last 4th of July weekend I left the OKAY 
City with a one way plane ticket.
(Man, the whole idea of a one way ticket 
out of there felt great!)

When I threw my leg over her and hit the
button it was "Love At First Feel".

Rolling out of the driveway, of course,
"Back In Black" pounded in my head.

It HAD been toooooooo long and I was
damn glad to be back in the saddle. 

I hadn't owned a 'bike in nearly 20 years.

The Architect was, understandably,
nervous. He DID put me through my

As we rode, he instructed, advised and

As he did, I thought about some of the 
crazy shit I had done on a 'bike in 
the past.

That Saturday we rode up to Gruene Hall.
I knew I had graduated when he bought
the first round.

Three days later, 480 miles. Cruisin' 
and grinning. (Despite the destination. 
The OKAY City.)

I made that round trip a couple of more
times and racked up a few thousand
miles all in all.

Now, 2009 has been one long road trip.

The Mobile Command Post wears a "For
Sale" sign.

My beloved Dodge is sold and gone.

Maggie is waiting for me to come a
ridin' until it's time for The Preacher
or The Master SGT to saddle up for a

Soon life will be all about catching 
flights, hotels n motels, rental cars and
working from site to site.


Now THAT'S livin'!!!

One Great Weekend

I can't get enough of these.

Cat Stevens plays over and over in my head.

"How long are you here for? Where are you going?
When will you be back?"

Simply hard questions.

As is any question you don't have an answer for.


I didn't start off to be wistful! 

I surprised my Eldest yesterday and got a Whole Lotta
smiles and hugs.

That's why ya can't slap this grin offa my face!

(OK, I realize that's not much of a grin in the photo. 
As was pointed out to me by The First Former Mrs!)