Friday, April 13, 2007

A visit to Indy

It was not anything I had in mind. I didn't volunteer for the mission.

I knew it would be cold. (I haven't been disappointed there.) Pretty wild and wide range of weather.

Not sightseeing. Lots of overtime. Crummy over crowded hotel.


In the first few seconds at the shop... I turned to go down the fire lane and who the hell do I walk smack dab in to?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. The Man, the Myth. In living color. (I expect a big grin there M.R.S. and an "Aw shucks." when I see ya Monday.)
We haven't escaped the confines of work and responsibilities yet but we will. Whole Lotta catching up to do. We did, it seems to me, fall pretty much into sync. Amazing after 12 or so years.
Yes, Bob, they do have some internet (scams) in this little town. $.49 a minute to use the one machine in the business center of the hotel. We have WebTV in the rooms. Front desk can't tell me what the charges are or what the capabilities of it are. They did allow that it is unreliable.
So. Uncharacteristically I waited until payday and nipped the problem in the wallet.
Bran' spankin' new laptop. I Are Happy! It's a Hot Rod compared to my time worn Frankenstien.
Now, I just gotta learn how to use it!!!

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