Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Chah-lahnge!!!

I love it!

An old Bill Cosby episode. Coz and an Old Time Tap Dancer were trading "chops". One would throw down a tap routine then throw his arms out and "Chah-lahnge!" the other to top him.

So, I threw out an S.O.Song yesterday.

"... Stand Tall
Don't you fa-ll..."

"Oh please, give us a hard one! You must be a youngster."Stand Tall" (1976), Burton Cummings first release after he got kicked out of The Guess Who. Sold over a million copies if I recall. Sweet revenge though - does anyone remember any Guess Who songs released after 1976?" Bob Barbanes

AS a matter of fact, I Do know...

How about "Raisin' Hell On The Prairie"? AND, nine other cuts from All This For A Song (1979)
Frank Zappa get a nod in the liner notes.

I found it in my stash this morning. Then, I Wiki'd it. Seems to be a lot of stuff released. But, The Guess Who never was a simple as The Guess Who. Personnel changes throughout the life of the band.

Gotta love it. A Chah-lahnge and being called a youngster in the same comment!

Now, I just have to come up with a hard one...


Bob Barbanes said...

Well...I guess...oooookayyyyy...2 points for you!

But what I was really going for was, "Does anyone remember a 'TOP 40' song from The Guess Who after 1976?" 'Cuz I sure don't, and I was a d.j. back then. But dangit, you got me on a technicality! I was quite unaware that the band soldiered on, like a chicken without its head I'm sure after Cummings left. ("Left," not "got kicked out" as I'd earlier reported and always thought was correct. Or maybe he did get kicked out and the press is just being retrospectively kind.)

Funny thing though. I had just recently downloaded to my iPod two Guess Who songs: "Clap For The Wolfman" and "No Time" - and I only download my ALL-TIME faves (even though I like a lot of their music). And yes, I am wierd for liking "Clap For The Wolfman" but it was a very-overlooked song that should have been a big, big hit for them.

Finally, ain't the internet great? Wiki or Google (or for me, - you can find out so much information now in an instant that used to take tons of time, *IF* you could find out at all!

Bob Barbanes said...

Wait a minute...I just re-read your actually OWN that album??? Holy crap, what a record collection you must have! Question: Have you met the other eight people who bought it? Either you gotta come back down to Honduras or I've got to go up to Texas. Either way, one of us needs to buy the other a beer. We got some music to talk!

Hal Johnson said...

David, you're gonna cost me some money due to an earlier post--now I feel the need to seek out some early Warren Zevon recordings. Just bought the Rhino reissue of Zevon's "Stand in the Fire," a live show recorded at the Roxy in L.A.