Friday, April 6, 2007

Old stuff revisited.

I just dusted off "Enjoy Every Sandwich".

Friends of Zevon covering his songs after his passing.

Remember what I said about skipping "Werewolves..." when it comes around on a CD? Well, I just hit rewind on Werewolves for the first time in years. It's freakin Adam Sandler! I forgot. Or I skipped it during earlier listens. The boy does a good version!!! I don't know who is backing him but it's done differently than I've heard before. Still, it's on point and just giggle cool!

I got an email from The Homestead tonight. My two new CD's will be going to Indy with me! Also very cool.

Black Oak Arkansas "King Biscuit Flower Hour" and Todd Snider "The Devil You Know".

I'm going to spend a night in Indy, not a school night, with a bottle of good tequila in a dark hotel room my Mag light to illuminate the pages, listening to "Lord Have Mercy", one finger on a pen and one on the repeat repeat button.

It's going to be colder than... well, when it gets below 70F I begin to not like the weather. Maybe it will recall nights in Korea. The white owl crashing into the hotel window at 0300 will eventually make it into a story.

We'll see what it produces. If anything.

Back to, Enjoy Every Sandwich. The Wallflowers do a good version of "Lawyers Guns and Money". (Not every version has the "Hiding in Honduras" line.) I loved that song BEFORE I even knew exactly where Honduras was or what it was like.

I have an additional verse ready. If the time ever comes...

"Underground Atlanta
ain't no place to hide
gonna take the MARTA out to Hartsfield
Hop a plane and ride..."

Weak? Maybe. Pretentious? YUP, damn Skippy it's pretentious. Kinda like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

Hey, 'I was born to rock the boat... You're my witness, I'm you're mutineer... some may sink but we will float..."'

Time to wind this up.

By the way if I don't see Hartsfield again, it'll be tooooo soon, (Daddy and Grandad used to say, "If you're gonna got to hell, ya gotta go through Atlanta Hartsfield.")

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