Saturday, April 14, 2007

These things happen

Just a note from the fringe.
From another hotel. Another town.

"... another empty bottle
and another empty bed...
I'm just another empty head...'


"I've been ground to dust
between the wheels of love
and the stones of the
long long road
nothing left now
but for the winds to sweep me away...
another time and place
a place to collect and
wait for the rain
wait for the rain...
begin again
begin again as mud
and wait for a seed
wait for a seed...
but will it take
will it hold
will it find
will it find
any love
any love
any love in me
is there any love left in me
is there anything left of me
I tried so hard to give it all away
I had so much
I had so much
is there any left in me..."

Don't take anything seriously. It's just another night and another urge to write.

Cold precip out the window.

The '...ground to dust' and the 'stones of the long long road' line has been banging around in my head for a week or so. The rest of it is a little forced. I just started typing.

I picked up a CD-oddity today.... ripped it, listening to it now...

"The Third Installment To Rock's Most Epic Adventure!" (from the sticker on the cover)

Any guesses?


My first thought was, "Good Gawd, how long are they gonna ride that pony?!"

Hey, if it's working for them, why the hell not ride it? Meat still has the voice. Steinman still has the pen.

I've heard a few lines that were the 'damn I wish I'd got that one first' type.

Still campy. Loaded with teenaged angst. Still rock opera. {Some day I'll finish writing mine.}

OK, I'm warped. I liked Bat II also. "Objects in the Rearview Mirror" stands out at the moment.

Anyone know where I can find a big chuch choir, a heavy metal band, an orchestra, a soprano, OH and a marimba?!

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Bob Barbanes said...

Whenever I read a record review (showing my age there), the writer usually picks apart the lyrics of certain songs, assigning his arbitrary meaning based on what he assumes the songwriter was thinking at the time. Me, I think that while sometimes lyrics do stem from very specific experiences, most of the time they are simply "divinely inspired." Or maybe writers just come up with a line because it fits or rhymes. So I don't look too deeply into song lyrics, is what I'm saying.

And of course, oftentimes the singer is not the writer.

The combination of Jim Steinman and Meatloaf constitutes one of rock 'n roll's great pairings. Nothing either of them did individually matched the grandeur (or popularity) of the "Bat's."

Oh, another thing. Must've been...what year...what car was I driving?...1990, '91...I go to a little bar in Jacksonville, Florida with a friend. "Good place to party," he says. Get to the door, and the bouncer goes, "Seven bucks." We're, like, what??? "It's cuz Meatloaf's playing," he says.

Not a huge bar, but it did (barely) have room for a stage - jam-packed though. Meat torched the place. Crazy show, he gives 110, maybe 130%. The crowd loved him, and I mean LOVED him! Meat had obviously been gauging the demand for "Bat II," and subsequently decided to do it. Or maybe he already had decided to do it, I don't know.

But what great songs, eh? Ride that horse forever? I think not. Give us more, boys! If only...

Stay warm in Indy, man.