Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's actually a Good Thing.

The weather has gone to crap.

Cold. Drizzling rain and of course North wind.

I swear I hit ice a couple of times on the way home. It took three clutch 'adjustments' to come off of a stop light. Tires kept breaking loose.

Even better, it has been cool, even cold at night. It makes for good sleep weather. So, the windows were open when I got home. 45F in the house when I got here.

"How is that Good? You loathe cold weather."

It's good prep before I hit Indy. If it was sunny and 90F here like it was a few days ago it would make for a more difficult transition.

The Yellow Dog is back. Or, was. She (I do not know why I say, She. Haven't been that close to the dog.) 'She' did accept food. Acted like she wanted to get close but is very skittish. I still may end up with a dog. Might even name he, she, it "Yellow Dog".

A very nice lead for a trivia question Might even be a little tougher than "Stand Tall".

"... What kind of words
are these to hear
from 'Yellow Dog'
who white men fear?..."

Another nice lead in to the new CD's.

The Todd Snider is different but still TS all the way. The title cut, "The Devil You Know", reminds me of WZ. There may be a connection between them. Anyone know? Good album regardless.

The Black Oak Arkansas overcame the trepidation one feels when buying a Live recording after being enamoured with a Studio recording. By a long shot. And then some.

I bought it for "Lord Have Mercy". I didn't really pay attention to what the other tracks were at the time.

A quick scan through in the truck revealed some surprises that I should have been aware of. "Great Balls O Fire", well done. The spoken intro to 'Mercy' is just like I need it.

One track caught my eye first. "Maybe I'm Amazed"

"OH MY! Wonderful!!! That voice! That's not Jim "Dandy" Mangrum. I should know this. Who is that?"

Disc has a great interview with Mangrum...

Another fantastic trivia question.

So, Bob ya get a two-fer! With an additional clue(s) as to who the singer is on "Maybe Amazed" and "Love On Ice" and backing vocals on a lot of other Black Oak songs...

From the liner notes of "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Black Oak Arkansas". In an interview with Jim "Dandy"...

"We loved her like she was kin and saw her as one of us all the way- the only female in our lives that could run with the Black Oak Wild Bunch and not cause trouble." Jim "Dandy" Mangrum


Another great quote from Mangrum regarding their more or less signature radio song, "Jim Dandy (to the rescue)"...

"Dandy got a call from Elvis... "He was calling to suggest we do LaVern Baker's Fifties Hit 'Jim Dandy' and when the King tells you to do something you just do it."..."

Sounds to me, like the King made the right call!

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Bob Barbanes said...

Well, as for the quote about the yellow dog, ya gots me! Doesn't even sound familiar, actually.

And about BOA's version of McCartney's great "Maybe I'm Amazed." Like I said, I'm a "singles" kind of guy - not into the deep cuts. But I would really be amazed if it wasn't their backup singer Ruby Starr who was with Mangrum on "Jim Dandy." (I thought she *made* the song with that hot, nasty voice of hers!)

And by the way, I agree with you: if it "feels" 29 degrees, it IS 29 degrees. I just hope I never have to experience 29 degrees again (unless it's Celcius of course).

Have fun in Indy!