Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It has been many posts since...

I tried anything that was not directly, personally related to my little land of Nada.

I just ran across something that is relative and decided on the spot to work with it. It was too obvious to be ignored.

There is a news article on the Yahoo home page.

'Blogger Released From Jail' paraphrased.

It raises and discusses a couple of questions.
A. Can a Blogger be a Journalist?
B. Can a Blogger be an Activist?
C. Can an Activist be a Journalist?

From a cursory read of one article, one time I say, "Yes to all three with provisos."

Provisos apply to question "C".

Activism has no place in Journalism. (Those that have gutted it out through the entire Whole Lotta Nada know my feelings.)

Having restated that. Two things spring to mind.

Regardless of their professionalism or objectivity all journalists are human beings. Some feelings can and will show through and frankly that's not entirely bad.

Is Mr Wolf any more of an Activist Journalist than many of our major news outlets today?

In the Kevin Sites interview Mr Wolf states,
"If you watch the videotape, you'll see there are many things that make the protesters look bad and there are things that make the cops look bad. It is essentially a balanced report of what I saw. It's a bird's eye view."
(From the Kevin Sites interview referenced in the link above.)

My question for Mr Wolf, "Why not take a stand on one side or another?" Pretty much the exact question posed (repeatedly) by Kevin Sites.

He (Mr Wolf) seeks protection under the law but refuses (seemingly) to take a stand as a journalist or as an activist.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. It will be of much more interest to me to hear your thoughts as Bloggers and Readers.

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