Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We all try so hard to spell check, have some sort of structure and to use the correct word in the right place.


Yes, I MEANT Counter-Clockwise.

That sort of error grinds on my nerves. (The mistake, not being corrected.)

I love to see aircraft in movies and such. We Airmen notice things though. I'm sure Doctors, Cops, Firemen and every other trade notice things.

Ever watch an airplane movie with a Pilot or Mechanic? I bet he irritated the crap out of you.

"That's Bull....!"

Here is a Favorite...

You SEE a piston powered airplane. You HEAR a turbine engine, not even a turbo-prop but a straight turbine. And, the interior is ENORMOUS!

There is a popular TV drama that shows exterior shots of a Gulfstream Jet. The interior looks to be the size of a Boeing airliner.

Hang on one sec...

I'm going to paste Bob's comment about last nights post. He is the one that busted me on the altimeter part. The comment is great.

"Okay, um, one very small correction: If you've had the dreaded dual flame-out your altimeter will be spinning counter-clockwise. If it's doing the reverse, you've probably hit the ground pretty hard already and are on your way to a meeting with a guy named Peter - and not the one from that bar in Glyfada either (P.S. hope for the best!).

What a wonderful story. I love these things! I've never been to Greece, but stories like these make me wanna go, bad. Must've been a blast.

Other than this little sojourn to Honduras, I've never been out of the U.S. much. The 3rd world is not so bad. At least there is still music in the cafes at night, but no revolution in the air anymore.

And why does society demonize alcohol so? Seems to me it plays a part (however small) in just about every good adventure story. Why, just recently I was up at Graham's. The crowd had thinned out and I was just about to do the same, when... ah, I don't want to get tangled up in that. It's a story for *my* blog!

Life can be such an adventure, huh? If you let it be, that is. If you actually take the wierd job assignments.

There are those who stand against the wall and watch, and there are others who get out there and dance! Good thing you're a dancer, man.

Me? I just shrug and go, "C'est la vie. It goes to show you never can tell." Hope that doesn't mean I'm becoming one of the old folks."

Whoa! Apologies to Bob and the rest of you. I didn't realize it would reformat and be one paragraph. I broke it up. Hope I didn't screw it up in the process.

My favorite element is the music ref's. (You were riffin' there Bob!)

While we are riding an airplane theme...

I decided today that being an Aircraft Mechanic is a long death by one thousand cuts.

I discovered yet another way to destroy myself one piece at a time. I think I broke my right big toe this time. The nail on the left one isn't quite back to normal yet!

The left was a Puppy Incident. I had my priorities out of order. Yes, protect Redd was number one. I got that one right. But, I was too concerned about spilling my coffee to worry about mere life and limb.

The right got it from the big hydraulic line on the hydraulic 'mule' we use for powering hydraulic systems.

I have this problem with fouled, twisted, tangled, incorrectly coiled lines. I was trying to get nice, useful coils onto the rack when the big one slipped out of my hand and nailed me, Quick Connect Fitting first on the top of my toe.

For those of you scoffing. It freakin' hurt. I'll even send pictures of it getting progressively more colorful. If that doesn't convince you, "Just stand right here for a second..." Let me get a toe with my big ballpeen. LOL!

Hey! Here is a little Whole Lotta Nada sport. How many references to songs can you hear in Bob's comment? How many artists?

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Bob Barbanes said...

Riffin'? Moi? Nah. Just laughing because "Blood On The Tracks" is one of my favorite Dylan albums. Heh- when I was a d.j., I used to play, "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts," but I'd pronounce it, "...Jack of farts" just to see if anyone was awake (they weren't). "Tangled" is awesome, as is "Eeee-eddiot Wind," which is not how it's spelled but is how Zimmy sings it. Ah, Dylan...got a whole post about him coming on my blog - DON'T YOU STEAL MY THUNDER AND BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH, BOY!

Finally, I had never heard Chuck Berry's version of "You Never Can Tell (Teenage Wedding)." I only knew...uhh...was it Nick Lowe's version? Nick Drake? One of those "Nicks." Until it turned up in "Pulp Friction" of course, and I was, like, Ohhhhhh, of course! British artists ripping off American blues/rock 'n roll singers... Good thing *that* didn't happen very often.

But I digress.