Thursday, April 5, 2007


Isn't that what life is all about?

(LOL! I guess that all depends on how your boogaloo situation stands...)

Whether we're hunting and fishing, hunting and gathering, working for a paycheck.

Or, we started a knuckle dragging blog three months ago.

The occasional negative, it'll sting but if we evaluate it honestly and find it to be true, it only helps us grow.

The occasional high praise will send us into that giddy silly grin state that we all long for.

Wow, no parenthises For this one...
"is there something you could do for him right now... is there some kind word that you could say to him right now..."
The Guess Who "Old Joe"

I can't make this stuff up. I've been on a Guess Who kick all day. Just as I was typing, Old Joe stepped up to the needle. Phonograph needle. OK a CD doesn't have a needle, but you know what I mean.

This will most likely be the last post of the day so it'll be a run-on sorta deal. I just pulled The Guess Who "These Eyes". It was the third or fourth run in a row. If I listened to These Eyes and or Undun again it would alter the entire tone of this post.

SO! We're back to the latest aquisition... "The Last Waltz". I found the DVD at HEB for less than ten bucks this afternoon on an unscheduled trip.

Bob Barbanes and I have been on a sort of music banter pretty much all day. Off and on. Then, I swooped in to see what he was up to... ... Can you say "Make My Day!"?

Ya see, I think it's fair to say, we talk to each other. Sure, we read blogs. We comment on blogs sometimes. We email sometimes. That's all bonus material. It's when he writes something that gives me goose-bumps or gives me the 'OUCH/ Giggles'. Or, I write something about a split rim with air pressure and one or two bolts left in it... he goes pale. It's not that we are posting blogs to each other but sometimes when I write I know, "Bob'll get this one."

And, If I am wrong. I'm certain he will let me know.

Isn't that wild? We've never met. Had I been a car salesman and he a Dentist in Guanaja. Probably not the same connection.

Those damn flying machines will take ya places you never thought about!

On a totally different note...

I've been slinging paint on canvass.

"Family Constellation V2" is as done as it's gonna get. It's a matter of making a point rather than a portrait or something. I took pic's of it but I guess that battery is low. Even on a tripod it came out fuzzy.
V1 is Sharpie on canvass. V2 is totally a different approach. It's acrylic on canvass.

The four pieces of "The Seasons" are each to about the same stage as each other. 'Winter' needs some work to catch up with the other three and then it'll be time to decide how and if to tie them together even tighter.

(STAGEFRIGHT, I love this song.)

I should make some effort to get ready for work. 0400 will be here in .04 seconds.

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