Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another Lost Song...

Some clown decided to use it for a tater-tot commercial...

"Stand tall
Don't you fa-ll...
... don't do something
you might re-gret la-ter..."

HELP! Who is it. What's the name of the song? I'm blank.

I want it. I want to hear it. I want to share it. What the hell is it?

First, yes, I was whining earlier (or later depending on the order you read it). Yes, the Ol' B.P. did spike. Replete with ringing in the ears. NO. I didn't really kick stuff around the apartment. YES, I really wanted to. I didn't. Too many bony breaks in my hands from tantrums earlier in life.

I actually had an idiot tell me, years ago, "I don't lose to inanimate objects!"

"Really Doofus? Uh, that $300.00 piece of equipment (that you just threw against the wall) didn't feel a thing and it doesn't have to pony up $300 to replace itself."

In reality, I didn't "Get It" for some years and many rounds with Mr Fridgidaire later. (Thus the bony bumps in my hand-bones.)

All of that Nada to say, no, I didn't throw a tantrum. Instead I settled into taking care of business.

House has to be clean. Plants have to have a nurse. Trash has to go to the curb. Rent has to be paid. I need a ride to the airport. Tools have to be shipped. Clothes packed. Music must be selected! Bhudda has to be tracked down. What's the weather like in Indy? I've got to get a tool to read and send email and blog upon. Trash has to go to the curb at least one more time.

Plus, everything that I haven't thought of yet.

Damn. Bugging out for a Road Trip didn't used to be complicated. I guess it's the unexpected trip and the open return date. Mostly, it's the Fates jumping into our plans again.

JUST You Watch!

I'll sweat bullets. I'll be fretting over some detail as I wait for the flight out of San Antonio and Boom! I'll get waved off and be back here before I ever get there.

Fat Chance.

Just loaded a few 'tranquilizers'. Old Zevon.

When I say OLD, I mean like,

"The First Sessions".
Lyme and Cybelle from 1966
The print in the liner notes is too small to read at the moment. I don't recall who is Lyme and who is Clybelle.
THEY, are teen aged Warren Zevon and Violet Santangelo.
Pretty cool, huh?

Next, WZ "Wanted Dead or Alive". His 1970 solo debut.

Last, for now, self titled WZ from 1976.

These notes read like quite a cast...
Waddy Watchel, Jackson Browne, Jorge Calderon, (staples of WZ's work)
Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham.
Mr Phil Everly makes a couple of appearances too.

By now I have bored you to the point of clicking away. Speaking of which!

Here's a creepy thought for you.

Several weeks ago I added the sitemeter deal. It gives raw and vague stats.

Basically, the "Who" portion is a string of nine digit numbers representing URLs.
The only person I can identify is me. "Level3 something or other".
The others read like "405.210.830". Is that supposed to mean something? I dunno.

Also vague is the "Where" column. I get hits from everywhere. China comes to mind. But, nothing shows from OK, TX, Honduras, GA, or anywhere else that I can say, "OH, So and So visited."

BUT!!!... One visitor was a clickable URL. No name associated with it. The entity was Clear.

Immediately after I posted the "I no longer work for you know who" piece.
You know who spent quite some time perusing the Nada!
And, not the commercial, user friendly branch of you know who!

And You thought I was wacky with the Orwellian bit!!!

Kinda flattering and kinda pisses me off at the same time.

You know who crams "Ethics" down employees throats. Uh, last time I checked you could still find remnants of an industrial espionage case against them. I'm pretty certain they lost too. Cause, I was out of country at the time and had to change patches for a while.

I know, I know. It was just a keyword alert. Someone got the alert and found a knuckle-headed blog. Even my paranoia has parameters. Sounded good for a minute there didn't it!?

It's gonna be a long night. I'm wound up like a cat tail in a wagon wheel.

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Bob Barbanes said...

Oh please, give us a hard one! You must be a youngster.

"Stand Tall" (1976), Burton Cummings first release after he got kicked out of The Guess Who. Sold over a million copies if I recall. Sweet revenge though - does anyone remember any Guess Who songs released after 1976?