Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well, I guess I can say it now...

(I have not used the ''Company" name up to now.)

But, since I no longer work for Raytheon... I'll say just that, "I no longer work for Raytheon Aircraft Services."

Sounds sooooo good!

There wont be many if any changes at this point but it just Sounds So Good!

(Just note that I am feelin' pretty ornery. It may have something to do with the blow to the head this morning. That particular airplane is out to get me!)

The C90 was gone this morning. I hope we hear something about the trim problem at least.

Happy Birthday to the Architect!!! I believe that his 40Th will be one to remember. I hope to do an interview with him soon, maybe an article about a current project.

Ah! The oven 'dinged'. Time for twice baked potato, steak, salad and a cold one.

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