Monday, March 26, 2007

The photo experiment worked...

but wasn't a complete success. It will get better.

The weather had a tuff time making up it's mind today. When it finally did, it really did. We had about two hours of that great Texas lightning and rolling thunder. Gotta love it.

I left the little camera at work in my haste to leave on Sunday. The Blue Bonnets and all of the other wild flowers are blooming. The light may not be great but the colors of the flowers really stand out against the gray skies. I think I'll get a disposable camera and have it transferred to disc so I can post a few pic's. I took a few with the phone but they don't do me any good here.

Maybe... Echo November's Mom will get a few shots with her new camera........???

The front 'yard' at the Homestead looks great. Full of flowers.

It's been a rainy day kinda day.

I have the third canvas in a series of four on the coffee table. If it dries before I get tired I'll hit it a little more.

I nosed around my "Writings" folder. Re-read a lot of entries. Edited a couple. Some of them still 'sound' good. Some of them, 'What was I thinking?'. I guess that's why you write everyday. Ya gotta break a lotta rocks to find a diamond.

Except for what you see here I haven't done a lot of writing today. I have done a bit of texting and that's a great thing!

I picked at the guitar for an hour or so. It sounds about as good as my singing! OK, worse.

Cooked and ate an ENTIRE pizza. Just a note here, the H.E.B. brand pizza crust is no Boboli pizza crust. I wont make that mistake again. The sauce that came with it didn't measure up either.

Picked up the April "Texas Monthly". Funny thing, there is an Editorial about Gov Rick Perry's power grabbing and an interview with a rock star touting Perry in the same issue. I haven't made it to the articles about the Texas Rangers evolutions in law enforcement or the "Banditos" motorcycle club.

Ya know, the two tonics might sound contradictory but I think I'll pour me some of that good Tequila and put on that Stravinsky after all. Just kick back and let the old mind wander.

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Teresa said...

"Echo Nov's mom"? That is all you could come up with. I would like a better title please!

If the weather permits, I will try to get some photos this weekend. I have not had a chance to get Echo in bluebonnets.