Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gonna be a LONG, SHORT Night!

Somehow, I've gotta come down from today's work an a hour or more faster than usual... Any suggestions? WITHOUT having a raging hang-over?!

It's all worth it. I love Daylight Savings Time.

Another pretty OK day at work.

Got to do some flight control rigging on an old 90 Model King Air. And, worked a problem with the Left Hand engine power lever. Never seen this before. A binding inside the wire rope.

(I LOVE 'highlight, delete'.)

Anyway. This "Wire Rope" is part of the Monkey Motion that makes the airplane go into reverse. It's used for braking upon landing or taxiing. I don't recall seeing one go bad or encountering the symptom that led me to find it. Had a little fun and frustration tracking it down.

I guess it's akin to something Doctors must see a lot of.

One symptom might make you think of one cure. But the same symptom accompanied by one or more others might lead you astray.

Last night while reading LG's blog I remembered a couple of good "Driving In Honduras" stories. Particularly, going on a mountain adventure in the throes of a hurricane. Driving while getting directions from local residents. And, of course, the "I spent the night in jail for drinking and driving a car that I wasn't even in!" story.

Today on the way home I thought of a couple of more "Driving In New Places" stories. One or I guess both were due to road construction.

I had a shot at getting off of the highway just before traffic was choked down to two lanes from four but I had no clue how to improve my situation if I DID get off of the highway. Learning to drive in Oklahoma, it is all laid out like a checkerboard. North- South streets, East- West streets.

Another was a broken rear view mirror laying on the side of my lane. I hadn't thought about the "Triple" and even "QUADRUPLE" passes in Sicily for a long time.

See, it was not unusual to pull out to pass the car ahead of you only to have the guy behind you pull out to pass BOTH cars. Having the guy BEHIND him pull out to pass as well happened often too. Add to that, the oncoming car would tend to stand his ground. It was "Chicken" at 70mph. Thwacking mirrors with the oncoming car was frequent. (Keep in mind, often we WERE the oncoming car.)

I've got a theme going here...

The incredible traffic in Korea.

Driving on the left in Kenya. :-) I was dubbed Mad Max on that trip!

Getting lost in Spain while trying to find Gibraltar. Even after we found the damn thing, we still couldn't get to it! UUUeeeewww, The Drive back to the hotel from Gibraltar... Did you know, those crazy Spaniards have beer machines at the gas station?! Yeah! Just like a Coke machine only better!

Crazy traffic in Greece. (My very first foray out of the States.) WOW, the Russian on the plane ride back to the States. Hadn't thought about that in years. The drive from Athens to Poseidon's Temple in Sounio. I was spell bound.

Are ya'll OK with being sounding boards?!?! I sure hope so. THANK YOU! I've got a string here to maybe go a little Gonzo with.

Time to get the clocks changed and all of my ducks in order for tomorrow.



Man, you have had a wild life. Have you ever stopped to take a look at the Good Person Test"? You won't regret it!

La Gringa said...

It sounds like you are well suited to drive in Honduras.

Speaking of time change....I wonder if we will change time in Honduras and if so when? Last year I think we had one day's notice and then a couple day's notice when Mel decided he didn't like it anymore.