Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It worked!!!

He cried in disbelief.

Oh, I am gonna have so much fun now! Especially when I figure out where the good cameras are.

I have a couple of other Blogging 101 lessons to figure out. Counters etc. I'll get there.

Writing is way more fun than working on planes. I am so looking forward to going back to school.

It really helps that Spring hath sprung. It's still getting cold at night but not bad. Gorgeous days. Speaking of which... I should be out doing some maintenance on the Ferengi Trading Vessel. My beloved old paid for usually reliable 1993 Dodge pick-up. For the Trekkies, if I open the vent windows in the extended cab and look at her from straight on... Pure Ferengi. Forehead, ears...

My eight year old son says, "Daddy?! You STILL got the Dodge?" Yup.

Pushing 200,000 miles. One radiator, one clutch, one front spindle, two sets of front wheel bearings (don't ask), one battery. Not a lot else other than usual maintenance.

Not to mention V8 power, a five speed tranny, a Granny Gear and a WELL worn glass pack. She really sings when ya hit warp drive!!! ;-)

OK, OK. I'm burning daylight. going to haul the jungle out into the sunlight. Tinker with the truck and try to get some more photos.

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