Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just Old David's Way...

... of sending out a smiley face to ya!
There is a VERY Funky, VERY Texi-cana, uhmmm... Establishment around the corner from our apartment. It appears to have been some sort of tourist attraction once upon a time. Part flea market, part junk shop and part antique store. But ALL old pack rats dream! Once we get the good cameras back here I'll have to go chat with the old Fella and take some pic's.
I did get the entire run down on the old hand water pump he just painted with Ford High Heat engine paint, NAPA brand, He's paid $6++ dollars for it elsewhere but he found 6 cans of it for $1.35 and bought them all and yes it was dry and yes it's really going to stay that glossy cause he doesn't believe the old pump will get that hot and come by anytime, they live there and if they aren't outside just make some racket and park any where, on the grass is better cause the more it gets driven on the less he has to mow.
(There is a very good Tamale Shop out back that's open on the weekends.)
Anyway, on the way to town this morning this Rooster caught my eye. Sure enough, it was still there when I got back. Now he's roosting on the fridge. All 22" of him!!!
That's Nada to Crow About!

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Teresa said...

that is way cool! Teresa