Friday, March 2, 2007

Comments and Emails!!!

All in the same day! Thank You All!!!

This is a banner day for the little blog that might!

Might hell!!!

For those that venture here and ask, "What is he doing? Has he finally lost his mind?" Well, those of you that are asking are the very ones that have known all along that I'm a little off kilter in the first place.

You know:
I sometimes throw too much of myself into something, invest more than I am prepared to loose.
Sometimes, I don't throw enough in the right direction without realizing what it is I have to loose.
I don't suffer loosing well.
I sometimes fly off the handle. I don't do it often but when I do, grab the eye protection!
blah, blah, blah...
You also know that I can go on forever! LOL!

So. "Salvage Operation 2007".

One more thing. You know that at times I am more like Silly Putty than Teflon. BUT! I spring back into shape!

Back to saving '07. Those of you that have been here the last few days know that bank accounts have been ravaged. Mail boxes have been savaged. I find today that my reputation is being attacked as well.

"Mr Chekov, Mr Sulu shields up and maximum warp! UH, Mr Spock? What the hell is going on and what heading should we take?!"

"Captain, I suggest that we go ANYWHERE but here."

"Chekov, Sulu! First star to the left and straight on 'til morning!"


Dear reader, please remain in your seat with the seat belt securely fastened. The ride to the first star will be a little bumpy. Should the oxygen masks deploy, don yours first then assist the children, elderly and infirmed.

I have worked far too hard. Put up with way too much. Sacrificed more than I could have imagined in the last seven or eight years to have it dragged into the abyss again.

My Paternal Grandfather used to harp about attitude and reputation. So much that it was irritating. What I really found irritating was when I started seeing things the same way. (OUCH!)

I've had my attitude problems all along. I've tried to learn and correct.

I've done my fair share of damage to my reputation. Hard to repair. (I should've
listened to the Old Man.) I have expended a lot to repair it.

I've also been STUNNED to hear things. Out and out blatant fabrications designed to cover someone Else's ass and at the expense of mine!!!!!!

This should have been at least two different posts. I should be in bed. I still can't
bring myself to get in it so I'm going back to the couch.

There's a whole lotta rantin'.

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