Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I don't get it.

I did everything the same way as before. It worked then! I hit the photo button. browse etc. It goes to upload and it's as if Blogger is downloading my hard drive! Little green lights blinking. Sent and Received numbers growing but NADA! Still connected. just no upload.

AAAaaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!!!! Reboot. Nope.

Oh well. I've got the old CD player. Yeah loaded and set to stun. Warren Zevon "Mr Bad Example" spinning. ''Renegade' playing.

"...I've been a rebel all my days... some prayers never reach the sky and some wars never end and some dreams refuse to die... I am a Renegade..."

Where do I go to nominate this guy for Sainthood? What a fantastic song writter? Get beyond what you know.

If you ever noticed him it was for "Werewolves of London", not a bad tune. You have heard "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" though not directly attributed to Zevon. Do you remember the Everly Brothers having a show? {I'll have to watch the DVD again to nail my Everly/ Musician ref's} Anyway, he was working. OH! I think it was Billy Joel!!! Billy Joel comes in and started to play. Zevon listened to him and WALKED OUT! Walked off of the job. He felt Joel was that much better. I ain't buying it. Nothing against Mr Joel.

Another fave on deck...

"...I'll keep searching for a heart. I'll keep searching everyone. They say love requires alittle standing in line. I've been waiting for you lover such a long long time... They say love conquers all. You can't start it like a car. You can't stop it with a gun..."

Not the most accurate but a quite sincere example. I didn't transcribe it well. "Searching For A Heart" WOW!


Track one: Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Zevon doing Zevon. WAY better than Rondstat!!!

"French Inhaler".

I, speaking only for myself of course, love writers that can make me laugh, tremble,cry and FEEL what they are standing in. 'Drag me in and scare the snot outta me!' Know what I mean?

Clancy does it with all fo the tech and detail. King does it with all of the gut.

During my stint on the road. From wence I get most of my B.S. war stories. I read all of the Clancy and King I could get my hands on.

"... walking through the streets of Soho in the rain..." It wasn't Soho but Picadilly. I got lost at 0200. It was Cinco de Mayo...

Stephen King. If you read "The Stand" you know The Walking Dude. I picked up two books in the Dark Tower Series. In a tiny hotel room in Korea, I read both of them in two days. In the middle of the first night, here comes the Walking Dude. CREEPS! Dropped the book. Went as far across the room as I could get. Stared at to book on the floor. Took me a minute to pick it up and continue reading. Still haven't finished the Dark Tower series. It's OK. Neither has KIng!

Next up, one of my favorite Zevon songs. "Lawyers Guns and Money". Of
course my favorite line, "I'm hiding in Honduras. I'm a desperate man. Send lawyers Guns and Money, the shit has hit the fan."

And, of course, I have an additional verse...

"... underground Atlanta
aint no place to hide
catcha the MARTA out to Hartsfield
hop a flight and ride..."

Gonna shut it down. Headed to the "Homestead" tomorrow. Climb trees with a chainsaw. Mow. Cut firewood.

How perfect is this! As I sign off...

"... A certain girl i been in love with a long long time..."

My ring tone for the "Beautiful Brown-Eyed Girl"

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