Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Why is it I keep climbing out on limbs!?

Here I go again. Pretty lousy photo quality of your freshly freshened blogger. I do smell good though! :-)

Oddly enough, the "Beautiful Brown-Eyed Girl" found the 'Route 66' sign at a shop down the road from here (in Texas). She also found the really cool lizards. In Boerne, TX I think. I epoxyed magnets to them and as luck would have it, the front door is steel. (I guess nothing is all that odd. I found my favorite OU cap in Atlanta!)

Guess I'll do a mixed post here... Why not?

I caught up on a fave blog today. Wherein I read a really cool line. {Here is one of those moments where education will pay off...} It was full of alliteration and rhyme. SOLID imagery! Yeah, I'm sucking up but I really think that with permission I could channel up some very 'Zevonesque' stuff from a single line on a blog. How cool is that?!?!?!

This thing has not kicked me off, yet. So I think I'll try to slip in another couple of photos and tell another short tale.

OK, first try was a bust... Another concern is, where in the post will the photos land. I don't quite have that worked out yet...

Well. That's two attempts.

I'll try it again later.

I have unleashed the mystery of the barking dogs. There are two Pit Bull Terriers that live in the yard next door. It used to be that when they barked, I'd go see why. Now, they bark all of the time! They are good dogs. Don't seem to be viscious or aggressive. Just 'under attended'. Hell. Neglected.

I had decided on a mixed post but as Capt "Gumby" used to say, "Everybody needs a plan to deviate from."

Going to post this Nadda and try again.

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