Thursday, March 8, 2007

OK. One is about all I have patience for tonight. (Incredibly slow to up load photos.)

Spent the day on the "Homestead". Helping get it in shape.
"Spent the day." Didn't get nearly enough done.
My primary job is to climb the ladder with the chain saw and clear dead wood from on high. (After the "Roof Incident" "Pop" is prohibited from leaving terra firma.)
Damned chain saw was uncooperative!

I ain't no rocket surgeon but I know it takes air, fuel and a spark to start a fire. We confirmed them ALL. Had 'em all! Still wouldn't light off. Had compression too. (Thumb over the plug hole and pulled rope. It's working.)

I even went Macguyver! Swiped an emery board from "Mother". It wouldn't fit in the plug gap. So, I whipped the Kershaw blade out. Skinned the emery board. Had "Pop" hold the plug while I used the thin sandpaper to clean the plug. No Joy!
The saw is headed to the shop Monday. We'll hit it again a day or two next week.

What you see is the third or fourth load of dead fall headed to the burn pile.
Who knows when we'll actually get to burn it. It has been so dry. Even the cactus is turning yellow!!! Gringa has a 'crack me up' post about rain gages. 'Round these parts', we could use a thimble to gage the rain.

I guess I'll give another photo a shot here. Borrowed "Mothers" camera. (I really like it!) They take sooooooo long to load. We'll see.
OK. I see I must allocate a lot of time. Upload photos in reverse order. Then, add text.
Have a great weekend everybody. I may or may not post 'til Monday.
That's a Whole Lotta Sunburned Nada!

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