Monday, March 26, 2007


I found it!!!

No music, at the moment. Going to call my 8, almost 9 year old in a few. I'm actually thinking Classical as opposed to Classic tonight.No lyrics ya see.

Speaking of which. Did I make it through that entire rave last night without referencing Zevon? Amazing.

Much better state of mind tonight. It Is Friday after all.

I took off a little early from work. I took a different route, previously unexplored route home. Took longer but it was a nice drive through the country.

I saw a 1965 Chevy Fleetside Pick-up with the small back window for sale in the proverbial field. May have to check that out.

It's white... I can see it in Pearl White... '69 Corvette Rally rims, 15" black with brushed rings and hub caps... Smoked windows... Subtle interior in Crimson and Cream... Small block crate motor... Automatic transmission with the shifter on the column so as to not obstruct the bench seat... Upgraded steering, suspension and brakes... "All up front and shining (smilin') man AAAWWwwww Beautiful." Dr Hook. Sorry I can't help myself.

To heck with it. It's a good segue'. I've been wanting to write in response to a comment. (Yeah! I do get them from time to time, and of course, eat it up!)

Like "Werewolves of London", "Cover of the Rolling Stone" is a fun little song. They are overworked by radio stations and neither is the artists best work.

As for Dr Hook, I might just have to go with "Carry Me Carrie". Great imagery.

You saw it coming... Classical music just went out the window.

"Freakin' at the Freakers Ball" from the album, Sloppy Seconds! Immense departure from Stravinsky.

I did think of something that helps me get back to the comment from BB, Why does music play such a big part in our lives?

The cliche' is, "It's the soundtrack to our lives".

Music is like a long forgotten smell or thought or reflection in a window...
SNAP! No matter where your are or what you are doing or thinking you ARE THERE, You're back at a precise moment in time.

The destinations are indiscriminant. You could be back at a grave site or standing in Austin Bergstrom airport. A valley or a peak.

Some music is always very specific. From the first time you hear that opening chord to the last time you hear it, you always know where 'you're going' when you listen to it.

For me, a tame example is Bob Seger "Turn the Page". The first time I heard it done live. It was a bar band at a wild bar in Faxon, OK. I heard Bob do it at Reunion Arena in Dallas a few years later but the song always carrys me to Faxon.

A funny one just hit me. More of an artist/ CD than specific song. Joe Ely "Live at the Liberty Lunch". A musty litte hotel. In a little town that I couldn't pronounce the name of then and I don't recall now. Korea. Winter. Bitter cold. Snow. My Wing Man Bhudda and I had taken rooms there to be closer to work and not risk the drive in the snow and ice.

I had a few CD's and Bhuddas harmonicas. One morning on the way downstairs for work, "Heard you on the harp man. Sounded pretty good."
"Your singing sucks."
You didn't expect Bhudda to mince words did ya?

OH! Ted Nugent "Stranglehold". Always always always back to Sicily. Screamin' ass up Mt Etna in a gray Seat (pronounced, Say-Aht) station wagon at night.

I've got the giggles. I have no earthly idea what Ozzy and I were listening to on the way back from Gibraltor... The sound is overshadowed by many things... Guardia Seville, AK-47s...

Mr Barbanes, in an attempt to answer your question I have to say that for those of us that are tuned to it-
Music is a part US and therefore part of our lives
It was THERE when we were THERE
Rythms and chanting are as old as Man Himself
There is a whole spritual aspect to it
There is something primal when we let ourselves join in and really belt out a song
(Ever had both feet firmly on the pedals canceling each other out, the collective and cyclic clinched like clubs and really let yourself go?)
There are rythms built into us. Breathing, heart beat and blinking even
Ocassionaly music becomes a quest. A hunt. You've done it. Tracked down a particular track. (Ever tracked down more work from a particular artist because of something you heard? Tracked down and captured a different version of the same song?)
Ever used lyrical references in conversation where others might use literary references?

I'm going to hold short from here. I'm making up/ figuring out this stuff on the fly anyway!

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Bob Barbanes said...

Oh, it's not a cliche, music *is* the soundtrack of our lives! If I think about it, I'm never without some music playing in my head. I don't think I could stop it if I tried. But what's better is when I don't have to think about it - like when it's coming out of a tinny car radio or a crackly p.a. system somewhere or maybe huge concert speakers. Some of my best memories...