Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Ol' Homestead in Springtime

Maybe should have done this one as a Medium sized picture. It did look pretty good in the HP Program. Guess I'll have to ''Publish" and see how it looks after a double click.
Spring Sho-Nuff hath sprung. 80 some degrees, 90 some humidity and the WIND out of the South.
I had the windows open all day but they all (3!) face the West. I've been really big on the box fan. I use it as an exhaust in the kitchen window and it pulls a pretty good breeze. As the year warms up I've added a twist that would have ''Gran'dad'' spinning in his grave... Both usable windows open, box fan in kitchen and the A/C on!!! Once the sun goes down it only takes an hour or so to bring the place to a tolerable temp and the A/C goes O-F-F! As the evening wears into night the box fan gets notched down until it is off.
(Side note to Brothers... Sometimes I leave the house with all the lights on and the TV going... Just because I can!)
The A/C is a 220v window right over the couch. It refuses to cycle! The compressor will stop but the fan blows continuously. It makes it unpleasant to sit there and read or watch a movie.
OH! Those of you counting windows in the photo and thinking, "There are more than three visible and there must be more." That's NOT where we live.... Yet.

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