Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Nada

It's a school night so I shouldn't stay up late!

First and actually importantly, something I want to pass on the my Friends en Honduras.
I saw on the Orwellian News Ticker at work that Dengue is on the rise in Mexico y Centro America. You probably already knew that but if not, I'd be remiss in not passing it on.
The info that is. Not the fever.

Orwellian TV. The "Company" has installed a 40" flat screen in the break room. The news ticker can be infuriating. Limited content and sanitized, politically correct bits of info. I actually heard a fellow worker complain that there was no sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(It's probably there. We just can't 'hear' it.)

While we are at the shop...

The "Roach Coach" uses a loud musical horn to announce his approach. It actually plays "La Cucaracha"!!!

The ailing 90 Model got two new Elevator Trim Actuators today. Serious Remington 12 Ga Troubleshooting. I don't know if it has flown again yet.

All hope has, for the time being, been abandoned in regards to the 7000 Ft Gremlin. My bet, the owner got a look at the bill to date.

At nearly $100 an hour X at least two guys....

Is the Gremlin temp related? That's my first guess. My wonder... is there some bizarre ground common to all of the afflicted systems?

Could the trim simply be the diference in static loading and dynamic loading? I'll bet it wasn't both actuators causing the problem.

Sad part is, We may never know.

Just like the aircraft incidents you see on TV. Once the fire is put out the News Magazines loose interest.

To wit!

Two helicopters crashed in Hawaii a few weeks ago within a week of eachother. Two different tour companies on the same island. Heard anything since?

The Channel 5 news rag is teasing tonight with a video of a helicopter that crashed on an unsuspecting pedestrian.

OK, I am backing away from the void that is journalism in America today...

I spent most of the day crammed into the Hell Hole of a 350 Model wrangling a cantancerous oxygen bottle that leaked straight out of overhaul.

Only thing of interest to most of my readers (maybe). I believe I found that nerve in the neck that Mr Spock used to use.

I had to twist around a horizontal support that has been added for all of the crap they have begun installing back there. Standing tip toe on a ladder. One arm through this way the other over 'there'. Tilting my head hard to the left was the only way to get a glimpse of the clamp on the left side of the bottle.

All of a sudden I get LIGHT headed and things start to spin and get dark(er).

I stood up as straight as room would allow. Flattened my feet out as best I could and tried to shake it off. I didn't put two and two together until...

Later I had to go back to that side to safety wire the clamp...

Uh-Oh... here we go again.

Now, if I can just perfect the technique!!!

On the Fun Front. Well fun for me anyway.

I've been a writing fool the last couple of days. It's still in the "mix the Jello phase" at this point. It is a viable story line based on a lot of things but inspired by a seed sent out by the Architect quite sometime ago.

The Architect has been getting updates of it. Drafts of ideas for drafts. Once I get to the passages I hope to be bold enough to post them here.

We've also been working on another idea. Depending on how much content we add, it could be a fairly small project, it could be going this Summer.

Sorry for the cryptic nature of that but think-
"Jello" = A family story.
Summer Project = Poetry

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