Sunday, March 11, 2007


So, buckle up boys n girls!

First off. The Eyes Upon Ya at the top of the page are of my Son. The photo was taken in Georgia and He was born in Honduras. But, like his Daddy... He's in Texas!!! I told ya, the damn thing is one big magnet! (Tejas, that is.)

I managed to reset my schedule rather effortlessly this morning. I managed to get off of work at Noon. It was drizzly, then raining. I blew off a couple of plan/ ideas for the afternoon and came home. All was well. NASCAR race was coming on. I was home early with no plans...

"... I shoulda known right away that something was wrong when I started thinking things were alright..." Todd Snider

I could not get into my email!!! Eventually I did but it took hours and was infuriating! Yahoo showed me as logged on but I kept getting "Page Unavailable" when I hit the mail. I could get in from my phone but that's not the point.

Got in eventually.

I've been playing with the blog. Doodling. And, Thinking.

Right away, I hear some of you, "Uh-Oh! He's thinking again."

Hey, I told ya to buckle up!

(Note: ... I've been away for a little while. Trying to take care of other stuff.)

Just thought I'd let ya know that there is a thunder storm crackling and rumbling this way. It's not raining here at the moment... and it's perfectly still outside.


ONE OF MY... Sorry, Caps Lock... I'm not shouting.

One of my fave flicks is "Highlander" {Yes, Ozzy, I know it doesn't happen that way... but, what if it did...} Here comes the rain. Moving in fast. Came in a little quick for me. I wanted to go out and enjoy the show!

This may not sound like it but it is a pretty deeeeeeeep insight into DRS.

The Four of us boys went camping with Daddy. I was less than eleven years old. You subtract 2 years to get each on my little Brothers ages. We were set up Boy Scout Style in two old U.S. Army pup tents. Trenched in and all. Sure as shit. Came a storm.

A good one too! I was bed down in one tent with "The Master SGT". "The Architect" and "The Preacher" were in the other with Daddy.

Storm blew in. Sometime after dark. "The Architect" woke up.

Daddy was having a smoke. Lit from the old Zippo, "It's rainin' Daddy."


Future "Architect" went back to sleep.

Me? I slept through the whole thing.

That was the last outing for the Old Man that died at 34 years old. The last outing for the Five of us.

I LOVE A STORM! I love to stare into and ponder a campfire. Much Like Daddy used to.

Me, I watch the flames and coals for patterns, inspiration and rhythms.

He appreciated each flicker for he knew it would be his last.

Thunder has stopped. A light steady rain now. We need it.

I'm going back to work on other stuff....

I found it. Stephen Stills. "Tree Top Flyer". Not certain yet. I don't think it is as old a song as I thought. (sorry, only one person will have any idea what I'm talking about. I'll elaborate later.)

Remember the old phrase for Daylight Savings Time, "Spring Forward, Fall Back."? How 'bout this twist? 'Spring up, Fall down?'

That's all the Nada I got for tonight!


Jake Larson said...

You know Jimmy Buffett does a good version of Tree Top Flyer, I think it is the hidden track on Banana Wind.

Teresa said...

I love that photo of DR. Did you take it? Can't sleep, enjoying reading.