Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not really off to a great start here

Forgive me reader for I have... OK Sorry. I guess that sooner or later everyone that attempts to start a blog will use that line. The others, however, being smarter will delete it.

In my feeble defense (seems to be a lot of that going on lately) it has been a tumultuous week. Week Hell. So far 2007 SUCKS!

OK, with that too out of my system, for now.

There are a couple of lights at the end of the tunnel... cliche not even attempted this time. See, I'm getting smarter!

For one the weather is trying to break. I'm not really up on the South Central weather yet. I have lived here a couple of times before but haven't been here for an entire cycle yet this tour. It has been off and on gorgeous during the week but then turns off crappy on the weekend while I'm working. I hate to work in the cold but were it the other way around it would just be depressing.

A couple of my current goals are showing some promise...

I cut back on the smoking and have come up with a plan. I am NOT the cold turkey type. (I am the worst creature of the worst habits. I am a 'routine freak' about some of the most mundane and ridiculous things. More to come on these topics to be sure!) So, I have decided that I am not going to try to quit smoking. I am just going to try not to have a cigarette right this moment. When the next moment arrives I'll try not to have one then either. When those moments begin to string together sooner or later I'll have a string that I wont want to break. (I am not a competitive person really but I hate to lose or to fail. Worst of all to be a failure at something important to me.)

Another load of nada.

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