Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Evolution of a Blog

More precisely, the Evolution of a Blogger.

Decided to post a few ideas for future topics.

One of my greatest peeves is the "Anti-Journalism, Sensationalistic, TV News Magazines" passing for Journalism today.

One of my greatest pastimes is music and writing lyrics. OK maybe just poetry set to the music in my head since none of it has been shared much beyond the very, very innermost circle.

Another is painting. OK maybe just wiping paint on canvas. I don't do landscapes or portraits or still life. They are more surreal and expressive than real depictions. Frankly most of them are disappointments to me but I keep trying. I have a few pieces that I am proud of. Including a set of four that are currently in progress. Two are done.

Of course writing in general. I have a few ideas clanking around and will begin working on them soon. A pair of them are based on anecdotes from my life as an Aircraft Mechanic. I've got some war stories, let me tell you. I've heard as many more. And there are some real characters in this business! Not to leave out some of the hard to imagine decisions made by folks in my world.

That's my morning lotta nada. I just wanted to take a break from housework and errands that must be done before I head out this afternoon.

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