Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just how fast do I care to evolve?

I have decided to post excerpts of some of the things that I write all of the time.

Will I post all of them? Probably not. Everyday? Doubtful. I am going to give it a shot though.

Due to the personal nature of them... due to the fact that only I can hear the rhythm or tune that goes with them... AND due to copyright considerations, I wont post All of Anything in here for now.

A last couple of provisos. Not everything is on the computer to 'cut and paste'. Also the selections will be pretty random for lack of a better word.

Ah one, ah two, ah one, two three four... Here we go.


"Ol' Bill and Me"
03/22/06 1120 hrs

Dallas County Texas
Dallas County Alabama
And a long long way back again
Ol' Bill and me watched the wall cloud rain
coming across the plains and the planes

Cherry Point North Carolina
Bernoulli whisked me to Bahrain
Can't the Britt's build a drain?!
Ol' Bill and me watched the wall cloud rain
Coming across the Gulf and the planes

Got detained in Riyhad
Finally made it to Mombasa
Damn it they were outta gin
All alone I watched the wall cloud rain
Coming across the Indian O. and the planes...
Copyrighted Material. 2007""

As with myself and everything I do, this is a work in progress, and based in some sort of truth.

"Old Bill" is (was) a hard case for me. I met him as a young wrench after he had been an A&P for a long time. I learned a lot from him. A lot about the life of an A&P, life, love, kids and the cycles of life. We met at NAS Dallas when I returned to Texas from Alabama. (Yes, Dallas County in both states. He had a long lasting impact on me musically also. He introduced me to the music of Joe Ely!)

We both arrived and departed NAS Dallas at about the same times. From there, he went to Bahrain and I went to the road.

A year later I myself landed in Bahrain. I stayed for a week or so before heading off to Kenya. I can't possibly set the time frames now but I did spend Christmas and New years back in Bahrain.

Bill and I laughed our asses of in a Mexican restaurant XMAS Eve...

'Two boys from Texas eating Christmas dinner in a Mexican restaurant on an island, in the Persian Gulf, being served by a Pakistani waiter, cooked for by a Filipino chef and entertained by a C&W band from Brittan.'

Turns out, that was W. "Old Bill" S. last Christmas anywhere. I am Damn Proud to have shared it with him.

Let's see if we can't find something a little more recent...

"Time Enough to See You"

after what I left you
left for you---
to- go- through
I can't blame you
I'll never blame you
I'd never blame you

Because it was all my fault
Due Negligence---
on my----part

I guess I didn't hurt you enough
I guess I didn't love you enough
Enough to back you up...

...I'll never have enough,
enough of any of the stuff
but I do got time
I got nothing but time

I'll live long enough
enough to see you mine..."

Copyrighted Material. 2007""

OK, that was today.

I'm beginning to wonder if there is anything more upbeat...?


"Buhdda is My Wing Man"
03/22/06 1055 hrs

Buhdda is my wing man
We fly around Song'tan
OB Sky and Soju
With that kind of fuel
Buddy you'd be flying too

Perched atop the chimney
High atop the "Yong-Chon"
We survey the "Land of the Morning Calm"

Buhdda is my wing man
We fly around Song'tan
OB Sky and Soju
With that kind of fuel
Buddy you'd be flying too

From the "Easy Rider"
To the "Iron Horse Saloon"
Through the 'ville to the "Rock-Z" Room...

Copyrighted Material. 2007""

It may not sound like it, but that was one outrageous trip!!! M.R. "Buhdda" S. is another strong influence. He is the one that encouraged (HELL, he threatened me!) me to write something everyday.

Here is a little different close for a little different post,
"That may be more Nada than I Outta!"

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