Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hmmmm biscuits...

Hot, buttery and loaded with honey. Who cares if they were a little... mutant looking.

Well, I did it. Sent the link out to a bunch of folks. Some that I hadn't set out to send it to yet and I neglected to send it to others yet.

{Wow! I do love the highlight/ delete feature. I just dumped a whole load of whooey. I guess I'm a little whiny.}

Here's another topic. I guess as long as this machine will stay connected I can research it some. There's a volcano going off on an Italian Island. "Stromboli". Not sure where that island is.

We, myself and a few close friends spent a lot of time in Sicily. They much more so than I... So where is "Stromboli"?

OK. It's some 40 miles from Sicily. I found this on-

"The situation is absolutely under control," Civil Protection chief Guido Bertolaso told journalists on the island after an aerial survey Wednesday. FOXNEWS

OK... It's just me. My lowly insignificant opinion... but if Guido tells me everything is 'absolutely under control'... I'm gettin' my butt offa that rock!!!

That's not prejudice. It's experience. I lived on the side of Etna for about a year. The "Mayor" and "Paddy-O" were there for many more. I'd bet they concur.

Well, how many loads is that so far today? I don't think I'm done. Actually. We may have made some progress in this one.

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Ozzy said...

A controlled situation in Sicilia is like a controlled nuclear explosion the fallout WILL land some where...Interesting, my first Blog comment involves the Island of Sicilia.