Monday, June 23, 2008

You want it when?! Part II

There are actually two Frankensteins (Cobbled together). Or, Peters ("Robbing Peter to pay Paul") airplanes in the hangar.

It's neck and neck as we come down to the wire.

One will get ahead but have fuel leaks.

The other jumps into the lead but has no ITT indications. Basically, ITT is engine temperature and it dictates operations like simply starting the engines. If you can't tell how hot the engine is running you can't or shouldn't be running the engine. The PT-6 starts and runs quite a bit hotter than our water cooled auto's.

Lots of nit noid parts are or were MIA.

One guy asked me Saturday, "David, did you find the parts that I'm missing?"

"They're not MISSING! I know EXACTLY where they are! They're in Indonesia."

There has been some cannibalism going on BETWEEN the two planes also.

I fixed the wing ice lights on mine this weekend.

Today I asked one of the guys closing up panels about the L/H O/B cowl.

It was MISSING an ice light!!!

It was working again before I left. ;-)

I need some parts and placards for the airstair door.

I'm going in early tomorrow because I know exactly where to find some!!!

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