Monday, June 2, 2008


We don't ACTUALLY perform miracles.

It just looks like it.
Here's a 1900C Model. Nice little one owner.

ONLY 51,000 hours and 44,000 cycles!!!
Some Good Guys operate her out of Alaska and take good care of her.

To be honest we just painted her and did an avionics mod.

These pics are from the 2 pixel tool box cam. I hope to get some better shots tomorrow.

This is not one of the planes from the "You Want It When" post. They will NOT be so pretty. 'As is means as is'. Well, in our world it means, "All of the airworthiness items are fixed so... you'll probably get home OK. Buena Suerte!"

Oh, Rodolfo I guess I finally answered your question. No, not King Airs. 1900s are their over grown cousins.

He sat there at idle with the props in feather until he got ready to taxi. At first, I wondered why. Then it all came back... These guys operate on unimproved fields. Keeping the props in feather and the ice vanes deployed helps reduce F.O.D. DUH!!! I miss being out in the field as opposed to repair stations. OP's is where it's at!!!
I've got more photos from Delivery Day but I'm having trouble uploading them. I'll get them up soon but there isn't anything spectacular about them.

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