Sunday, June 8, 2008


My phone rang yesterday morning.

It wasn't one of those O'Dark-Thirty calls but I was at work...

"I know you're probably at work but your Brother had a heart attack last night... he's in room 918..."

Seconds later the phone rang again, "Did you..."


"Where are you?

"At work. You?

"At work.



100% blockage of the main vein. JUST the main vein.

Guess What?

"That Shit Hurts Like A Mother Fucker."

I don't know that first hand but when I see one of my younger brothers strapped to a hospital bed. Plumbed up, wired up and monitored up...

When he says it's so. It is so.

There ain't a wimp amongst us. If there's a runt, it's me.

I'm the oldest and the smallest.

He's going to be OK.

They say it was a "Mild" one.

Another screwed up thing is that he's been watching his diet and exercising.

And!!! He'd had blood work done and his cholesteral checked in the last few weeks...

"It's all OK. You're healthy."

So much for regular check-ups.

All those bastards care about is their mortgage, alimony and Ferrari payments.


Bob Barbanes said...

Wow man, I'm so sorry - I wish there was something I could do other than hope and pray that he'll pull through this fine.

Doctors, feh. They really and truly don't know shit.

Fingers crossed. Keep us posted.

Hal Johnson said...

Geez David, I'm also so sorry to hear about your brother. It sounds like he's going to make a good recovery. Tell him to keep his chin up. I had my own little event ten years ago, and I managed to get back to flying. As for you, be sure to take some deep breaths, and be careful at work.

David said...

Thanks Guys,

I just got off of the phone with Sister In Law. He's home. She said he was tired but she did not mention pain.

He will be OK. He's not supposed to work for 30 days. He owns a small plumbing company. I just fret about him getting back to work too soon if he feels that he doesn't have a chioce.

Thanks for the words, thoughts and prayers.