Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Boy

A recent post by Hal Johnson had me rolling in the floor and reliving my own amusement part nightmare at the same time.

What follows is an email to my three younger brothers after a (mostly) successful trip to the park with my son several years ago.

""...Lesson Number ONE, Ein, Uno!!!

When your six year old says, "Daddy, I don't want to ride the 'Mind Bender', I'm scared."

It does not matter that he said the same thing about the parachute, the mine train, and every other ride.

Nor does it matter that you stood in line for an hour with unruly ill mannered people and kids.

Much less that you are next in line to ride in the front seat of the first car.

Lesson Two-

When taking your six year old for a 'temporary' tattoo ask the girl,

"How temporary is temporary?"


Just thought ya might benefit from my mistakes.

The big boy 'coaster was a big oopso'!!!

As we got to that last clickety-clack before the pause before it all breaks loose...

We had sobbing, screams and croc tears...

(He did pass the height req. by a coupla inches.)

All day long he'd said the same thing, "I'm scared of that one Daddy."

Even Disney rides!

All but the train of 'big rig trucks'. He really wanted to 'drive' those.

Hope he's not scarred..."""

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