Monday, June 23, 2008

Weird recollection/ connection for the day...

Something you acquire while working in a hangar full of planes and people is the ability to ID people by their shoes.

Much of the time you can only see someone from the knees down as you scan the deck.

It's always seemed amusing to me. Is that weird enough?

Of course not!

Ya have to add the recollection.

Mama Wanda has told me a few stories over the years that made me quake. Sometimes a little. Other times a lot.

Once she told me that her Father, my Great Grandfather had been a early member of The Klan. (Apparently there were some redeeming qualities to the group, early on.)

He denied, to her, being involved.


She polished his good shoes every week. When the Klan would march, she recognized the shoes.

60 years later and I still ID folks by their shoes!

She told me that Grandad Walter quit the Klan when they, 'started doing bad things...'. She didn't elaborate except to say that when he quit there were repercussions...

One night someone came to his bedroom window and called his name. When Walter went to the (open) window the caller threw acid in his face.

I should do a series on Mama Wanda. She had a few tales! More important, I tell some of these tales around my little Brothers and hear, "I never heard THAT one before!"

A few good titles would be:

"Mama Wanda Meets Jessie James"

"Mama Wanda Meets the Rattlesnake"

"Mama Wanda 'Fixes' the Fine Cabinetry"

"Mama Wanda Sweetens the Homebrew"

"Mama Wanda and the Burglar"

"Mama Wanda Slaps the Base Commander"

"Mama Wanda and 'My Father's Eyes'"

"Mama Wanda and Great Great Grandad"

"Mama Wanda Becomes a Women" (She's 80 something and that one might still get me spanked. WHY she told ME about it is still beyond me!)

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Bob Barbanes said...

Sounds like Mama Wanda is quite the character! Sounds like you need to tell us more about this woman.

And you're right: Shoes tell you more about someone than they may want you to know.