Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That was fun!

This afternoon I was in the supply office trying to follow up on one of those, "This part number is no good. We've never bought any of those before."

You want to send me directly to that big plastic diplomatic smile?

Just tell me you can't requisition a part because you've never req'd one before.

Especially when it's a common part.

Guess how many times that happened today?


Post lights. Is there an airplane on the planet with absolutely no post lights? Probably, maybe?

No #8 brass button head screws in the instrumet panel?

I don't want much. How about, "Hm, we've never needed these before and the vendors don't seem to have any but I will find them for you and have them here as soon as I can."

Sorry, tangent there....


Fork Lift.

I was trying to get two post lights headed this way when the Lead Mech came in and asid, "Go find the fork lift and meet my outside by airplane XZY."

"Uh, fork lift?"



We moved some engine crates and other stuff around. Later, I did tell him that the last time I operated a fork lift was 1981.

He did his own math. 27 years. Impossible. I'm only 29!!! ;-)

Just goes to show ya might not be able to teach and old dog new tricks but us old dogs remember more than ya might think.

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