Saturday, March 1, 2008

12 Days

Who had 12 days?

Twelve working days?

Twelve? You're a Winner!

It took twelve days to score a "Prop Strike".

I came out from under the center section of the wing and the prop met me halfway to the nose of the airplane.

We'll call it Minor. Didn't knock my hat off or draw blood. (I don't think.) It was just enough to make me say, "Well, at least the first one is behind me.

The top of my head just as well be sore. Everything from there to my toes is.

Remember the fuel leak?

Yeah. Still leaking.

Remember I said it was just a matter of time before it happened to me?

Yesterday afternoon as I was plotting my weekend plans I was approached about working over time today.

As soon as I agreed he said, "Great. I'll probably need you 'down there'."

'Down There' being the terminal fuel leak.

Damn thing will not seal up. Either wing.

I have my theory/ opinion but I'm just a lowly contractor. I'll just keep my mouth shut and go in tomorrow for some more over time pay.

Time to get cleaned up and salvage a bit of Saturday. If the shampoo stings, I guess I'll know I have a new 'leak'.

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