Saturday, March 29, 2008


Watch Out Folks! He's armed and dangerous!

At this point the only danger is to your ears!
I've always wanted to learn to play guitar. I've had a few friends and family encourage me to but I never did.
I believe the conversation with The Architect went something like this...
"David, do you know what your problem is?"
"No. (but I s'pose yer gonna tell me."
"Your problem is, you never picked up a guitar."
When I had the chance to pick up a Stratocaster for less than a third of what it would cost me new I attacked it.
Picked up a little Fender Frontman amp at a pawn shop. I've got a stack of books with chords and music lessons. I'm working on my callouses.
OH! Yes, that of course is a Snap-On 11/16's deep socket/ slide.
Ya wanna hear something REALLY scary?
I've got a mic and I know how to plug it in!!!


The Piano Wizard Queen said...

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Bob Barbanes said...

Hah! Love the name you called the picture. Nice strat! Looks good on you, like it belongs. I myself have been haunting guitar shops and websites, trying to decide which one to buy. Lots of reasons to get a Strat, yeah, but I love the look and sound of the Gretsch Country Gentleman (I just don't have that kind of cash). So I'm kinda leaning toward an Epiphone...maybe a Casino? Then again, people keep saying good things about Ibanez guitars for newbies. I don't know. Maybe I ought to see if I have any talent to learn before I plunk down a lot of money.

Or maybe I should just go out and buy Guitar Hero and be done with it.

Have fun!