Thursday, March 27, 2008

IFound It!!!

What "It" was isn't really important.

This "It" is something irreplaceable and incredibly precious to me.

So, just insert your own "It".

It was at the tag end of lunch today when I realized that I didn't know where "It" was and couldn't recall the last time I'd seen "It".

Lunch time at work, in a hangar full of my knuckle-dragging hairy legged brethren is no time to show emotion. Now that I think about it there is never a good time to show emotion in that crowd! Hell, we have a kid out there we call 'Sally'. It's so bad that when 'Sally' calls the Boss on the phone he says, "Hey, Boss. This is 'Sally'..."

Just a short note of relief. That's all this is.

This stretch is (hopefully) coming to a close. Thirty-three days in a row is enough already! With any luck I'll be on the street by 1430 hrs tomorrow and have a whole two days off.

I've got several bits and parts to post about. The usual stuff; life, love, music and life on the hangar deck!


Bob Barbanes said...

Then I suggest you get to it!

David said...

I'm working on it!
Stand by for news...