Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Shots

The Architect gets a work out from 'Echo November'!
The boy has got moves. I stood him up today in the cockpit of a Hawker 800 and he tried to make a dash for the left seat!
Uncle 'Favorite' has been there before. Ya gotta be quicker'n that my boy.
He looked better in the left seat of the King Air 350 anyway!!! Hopefully Marge will send us some photos of Echo's visit to the hangar soon.

Challenged By A Bug!!!
This big guy stopped by the get together at the Homestead yesterday. I was trying to coax him on up to the top of the hot tub, he was headed that way anyway. He fell to the deck and squared off with me. He whipped that tail up like a scorpion!

"No, it doesn't matter, Favorite Uncle or not, you're not getting my truck!"

"... 747 coming outta tha sky..." OK, I think the song goes, 737 coming outta the sky, but what the heck. We don't see many 74's coming into San Antonio.
I looked to the North yesterday afternoon and saw this big guy coming in.
My first thought was, "Uh, Buddy, you got the right airport?"
Of course I didn't have the camera then. I caught a few shots of him departing. I was shocked and proud of how this shot came out. Keep in mind he was well over a mile away from me as I shot this.

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