Thursday, June 7, 2007

Random Shots from the Homestead

Multi-tasking around the apartamentito this afternoon.

Laundry, Blog, E-mail, Resume', Dishes, Disturbing the Peace...

Talking Heads, Life During Wartime.

Big game tonight! Go Spurs Go!

Plan to be done way before tip off. (OK, I'm gonna quit the domestic stuff Done or not.)



Bob Barbanes said...

Dude, we have GOT to stop doing this! The very last songs I downloaded the other night to my iPod were the Talking Heads' "Stay Up Late," "Wild Life" and "Life During Wartime." How coincidental is that?! Man, I miss that band! What great live shows. How I wish I'd gotten to see them perform.

And while I was at it, I snatched a remake of "Starman," the old Bowie tune given a modern take by the band Golden Smog (an odd assortment of luminaries from other revered alt-rock bands). I normally don't like remakes (and I *LOVED* DB's original), but this version is chillingly awesome.

By the way, the Golden Smog album is entitled "Blood On The Slacks" and I just have to chuckle at the clever reference and nod to the master.

As for the photos, I thought you lived in Texas?? Looks beautiful! You know, when us New Yorkers think of Texas, we conjure up visions of rolling sand dunes, tumbleweeds and oil wells, a la Saudi Arabia or the African Kalahari or something. Very pretty place you live in. However, can't stop thinking of that did it go..."There's a hoot-owl hanging out' my window now, for six nights in a row. She's calling to me, and I know..."

Finally, Casbeers. Wow! Interesting place. Would love to go there for the Gospel Brunch. Kinda limited Tex-Mex menu, eh? But the place sure makes up for it in personality! (How were the enchiladas??) Everything must truly be bigger in Texas. It'll be a must-visit when I get the VW Camper fixed-up and running and I head out west on my (seventh) sojourn (coming soon!). Hope you won't be on some mission in some far-away land by then...

Hal Johnson said...

Uh huh. My coincidence is a little more of a stretch than Bob's, but last week, I watched the DVD of "Stop Making Sense" for the first time in a year or so.

Hal Johnson said...

By the way, I really enjoyed the photos.