Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Live From Casbeer's

I finally made it. To understand that you would have to read the looong rambling, sleep deprived thing I wrote this morning and saved to a Word file. I may or may not post it later.


Check it out. The website isn't flashy or anything but that goes with the territory. It's not a flashy place or flashy part of town.

The place has a history. The walls are covered with black and white photographs of bands and singers.

I sat at a random booth. From here I can see photos with unusual names like; The Clumsy Lovers, Cave Catt Sammy, Beaver Nelson, and Eleven Hundred Springs.

There are more familiar ones too; Reckless Kelly, Joe King Carrasco and Clarence Gatemouth Brown.

Those are just random samples! All autographed and all, presumably have played here.

My enchiladas should arrive momentarily so I'm gonna publish this.
(That reminds me, I really should post this morning's depravity. It's pertinent. So far today the service has been great in here. A damn fine change from my experiences of late!!!)

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