Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

or an alternate title- In Search Of The Owl Farm.

I want to send a deep and sincere, "THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE AND GIVEN ALL." I also want to thank all of the folks currently serving. "Thank You!"

S'possed to head up to Brightledge this afternoon for drinks and dinner with the local Family. Should be a good time. So far, the forecast for rain has been mostly wrong. As I type that the sky grew gray behind me. No matter.

(Note: I'm just planning to draft here. Hope to have photos to add later and maybe some anecdotes from dinner.)

I've been up since 0500. Made it to breakfast with the Diner Gang then headed out to look over another potential site for The Owl Farm.

I've been tracking this place for a few weeks. Crummy photo in a real estate version of the Auto Trader. I hunted it down online. More pics but still not real informative.

With sketchy directions and no proper address the Folks and I located it this morning.

On one hand I understand the misleading, er uh un-detailed photos. On the other hand there are some very marketable angles that were not taken advantage of.

That works for me! Ya see, in the short time I've been eyeing it the asking price has dropped 10%.

OK, there is a perfectly bulldozable single wide on a perfectly beautiful two acre lot. It's wooded and wild flowered. It's out of the way but only about a minute off of the interstate. It's fenced. The front is framed by a fairly elaborate ranch style fence with a big archway arrangement over the drive. Privacy fence on two sides along the front half and cow fence around all three sides of the back half. A nice big covered front porch and a 20X20 gazebo on a concrete slab. Those stay. Obviously with two acres there is room to build a proper home. The single wide would serve as a construction trailer until then.

Sorry, that was one big run-on paragraph and I'm about one step away from daydreaming anyway. Just call me An Excitable Boy.

No photos yet. Didn't bother to take phone photos because they wont help us here.

"Rancho de Bujo"....

We'll see. Sooner (Boomer!) or later it will happen.

Tuesday at the Blue Star.

The weather held and we had a great time at Brightledge. I took a couple of pics but left the camera behind! Oops.

I Dodged Kansas but will get some OT here in the local mines. Good stuff.

The SPURS WON! I slept right through it. OH!!! I just remembered. There was a $50 Paint Shop vs Inspection Dept bet on that game. Something to look forward to on Saturday the ribbing. The merciless ribbing.

No photos and Nada to say. I guess this post will publish this way!

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