Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Atlanta 05/10/07

Yee Haw... Yawn...

Actually, it's another good trip. I'm enjoying a Prodigal Status.

We hit Shucker's the first night. Rob is still tending bar. Tonight was Gumbeaux's. Corey is still there too, for the time being. (He says within two weeks he'll be golfing the PGA circuit.)

I tracked 'kenamt' down. Still don't have the, "How I got shot." story though.

May get to catch up with Paddy and Aimo this weekend.

I got hit up (by the GM) to stay for another week. That is above my pay-grade. Let them (the two GMs) fight it out. Workwise I'd rather be here.

Otherwise, I really need to be in San Antonio, TX. I have work to do and I am eager to get it rolling.

I heard a commotion in the hangar this morning. Not a big one but I still missed the helicopter...

The one clear thing I heard was, "... call the tower and tell them that helicopter's cowling is open and flapping in the breeze..."

Apparently the pilot planted the helicopter pretty uh, solidly and it popped the cowling open. Then, he flew away. (Training Flight?)

We saw him later, the cowl was still attached but latched. Good.

I am enjoying the musical renta-cars. At least at the moment. We've got a sporty little Poncho car. He-he-he... WHO? ME? Dog a rental? NOOOOOOooooo! I am op's checking a future purchase!!! Really digging the slap stick 4 speed automatic. Four wheel discs, 140 on the speedo. Broke triple digits but haven't topped it out in the slalom yet... Yanking and banking through the slalom course named I20 East at 5 o'clock.

This may be the year that I finally treat myself to a hotrod. I had forgotten how much fun...

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