Thursday, May 24, 2007

I should be...

need to be, ought to be, geeze I still haven't finished that, Oh Crap I forgot about the other, should be....

But Screw It. I AIN'T! I'm sitting on the very wet deck of The Blue Star Brewery. Blogging. I no sooner (boomer!) got powered up and logged on and the rain hit again.

I've been herding ducks for the last few days. Hard work. I even enlisted Pop. Wore his ass out. I really had to reign him in, try to keep him from going stroke for stroke with me. I'm no dynamo but...

(LOL! Obscure music ref... "I poked and stroked 'til my wrist got numb but I just couldn't make that Dynamo Hum...")

He'll get his revenge next week. We will again attempt the big burn. He wants to do it early of a morning. I wanted to do an overnight so I could plug into the Magic Tree and write all night whilst wistfully watching the flickering flames. Hell, we've got enough wood to do both.

I lost count of blogs posts and emails that I have typed and deleted entirely. It's an odd feeling. Wanting, needing to write but being unable to let loose of the reigns. OH, I let loose alright but ultimately shot the thing in the head, over, and over, and over.

Same sort of thing offline. I saved a few things but they do not ring. They don't even sound hollow. Just flat flops.

I guess it's gonna happen.

So, as the sun peeks through and wait staff seems to be confused about whose table this is...

I type. going nowhere in particular. I've got tonz of stuff to be doing but choose to take a "mental health day". Get out alone, out of the house, try not to think about going to work tomorrow. Just enjoy a little mixed weather and a cold beer or two... Still seems to be a problem with the beer stream...

I do have a small bit of good news. I FOUND MY PASSPORT!!! It really worried me because it is the only bit of evidence I have to support all of my BS stories. I've got the stamps!!!

I need to renew it. I found a C-12 job. All things considered, it would be in my best interest to pursue it. $130K, 'nuff said.

The PC has decided not to power up. I'm gonna have to get that fixed at least long enough to recover some files. Lotta work stored in there. I think I have until June 10Th to submit work to Writers Digest Contest. Would like to at least send three pieces. I found a local Mag that is resurrecting San Antonio Poet. What the hey! All they can do is ignore me.

I had this strong urge to work on the "Two Men Talking" piece this morning. By the time I found it in the laptop I was too flustered to mess with it. Why, when I save things, do they go wherever the hell they want and often not where I expect?

I also need to work on the stage piece. I have stage direction and symbols to both but it's time to work on dialogue and that S*&T's tuff.

Rome didn't burn overnight.

Better Post before I delete another and before the battery quits.

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