Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rainy Night In Texas...

Hanging out at Brightledge with Bob Dylan The Street Fightin' Dog this weekend.

I've had an urge to hear Buffet's "Son of a Son of a Sailor" for days now. Whilst rifling thru The Architects CD's, I found it.

So I'm doing my Big Brotherly part and pissin' off the neighbors with Buffet cranked up!

HEY! Once a Big Brother, always a Big Brother.

I thought I'd take advantage of the great Internet connection and post a bunch of photos.

But, a couple of months ago I "Helped" myself out by creating back up files in the D drive to free up gigs on the C drive. One could just as well spell that Helped with an "F". It didn't save the original file names. They read something like, "Back-Up File One, JPEG One" etc. 45 back up files worth. Ya gotta keep in mind that how itchy my shutter finger can be. Remember the Johnny Winter show? 505 photos in one night.
Oh well, that's a project for another time. Lots and lots of time and patience.

I've taken one or two decent one since. Since I had a request for photos I'll throw 'em in.

This guy had apparently been stuck for a couple of days! Pop thought he was dead. Nope. I reached down and ol' Hopper reached out but couldn't pull himself out. I pulled out the Dodge key and "Unthreaded" him.

Echo November, studying The Craft at Rolling Oaks Sports Bar. It looks like he is critiquing the opening act in this photo. He IS vocal with his opinions! "I like that song." "I don't like that song." "I WANT MUSIC!"
I cannot recall the name of this band. They opened for Ruben V. They were Good!!! And the got the Echo November seal of approval.
That'll do it for this morning post with no story. I may do some more photos later while the connection is good.

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