Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It is time...

It is time, I think, for Free Form blogging.

So often, most often, I scrutinize, revise and think about any possible (or imaginary) repercussions that may or my not arise were I to publish my unvarnised opinions or true feelings.

I feel, now, now and very often that such self censorship not only restrains me but retains me in worlds I no longer care to inhabit.

Am I making sense to you so far? No? Good. Because that kind of behavior really makes no sense to me either.

I am acknowledging a schitzo branch of my nature. There are moments that I closely guard my... everything. Other moments when I fillet myself without regard.

Somewhere between the timid and the obscene is my equilibrium.

It has been an interesting summer and as it slides preciticously into winter there are no signs of change. At least, no clear signs... "There's a sign post up ahead..." but I can't read the damn thing.

One definition of insanity is trying the same thing the same way and expecting a different outcome.

"...these wasted words prove to warn that he who is not busy being born is busy dying...."

This has been a summer filled with music, experiments and a little bit of adventure. Just, not enough!

Would I like to go back to the Alcantara Gorge? Hell yeah! Would I care to go commando and try again to conquer it? UHh... no. Or, try scuba diving again without certified training? Not again. I can almost feel that propellor churning over my head still. Or, wander Nairobi at three a.m.? No.

None of those things would ever be the same if tried again. The harder you try to recreate things the bigger the disappointment to follow.

I need more.

Joe Ely is on the CD player at the moment. Damn! What a fresh night in old Gruene that was! I felt viable. I felt that there were adventures to be had. And, I had one or two.

Two 'er three of 'em will go undisclosed but... Here's the tale-

T'was the Twentieth of October at Gruene Hall. Joe Ely was the headliner. It was a Boys Day Out for me 'n Pop and the Architect. We hit a sports bar in New Braunfels to watch the OU game and have a few beers before heading to Gruene, TX which is right next door.

We sat out back of the old dance hall and played horse shoes with a group of school teachers outta Dallas. They were on a Girls Weekend. Four married women roaming out of town in an RV... "Whhooooop Whhooop Whoop! Pull Up! Danger Will Robinson!!!..."

One adventure David Russell Simpson will NOT pursue is another mans wife. Those that knowingly do so are lower than Judas, the kinds of people that would poison their own spouse for monetary gain and other advantages.

And, any woman that will cheat with you will sooner or later cheat on you. (Boomer!)

So, back at Gruene Hall... They hauled all of the tables and chairs out and the place sold out and filled up.

The Ded Ringers opened up the show.

We were very un-stragically located.

I couldn't see a thing. I did have to make a 'head call'. As 'the head' is behind the stage I headed off in that direction. Before I could take care of business, so to speak, I got tapped out and made several new friends, with better standing room. Gruene Hall is just friendly that way.

Two bodies deep from the stage!

Joe Ely put on a helluva show!

We danced around. We sang aloud. I half expected to get hit in the head with a guitar, "Will you keep it down!? I'm trying to work here!"

I had a B&W photo of Joe Ely. It was out in Pop's truck. I brought it to get it autographed. As it all shook out, I had a Sharpie pen and my hat. I got my autograph. (I wish I'd washed the hat first but it is now sweat stained and autographed. I can't decide whether to wear it or enshrine it...)

Joe Ely has been a musical hero and a fixture in my world for a long time. It was huge to me to look him in the eye, shake his hand and tell 'im I enjoyed his book. (Bonfire of Roadmaps)

It was the best show and the best night in so so so long.

Well, the show must go on and the show must close.

Close it did.

I looked around the old dance hall. The smoke had cleared and the only ones left were me and the Sherrif and he was ready to go home.

I walked out front.

Only car in the parking lot said, "SHERRIF" in big letters down the side.


'Well, I could walk up this way...'


'I could walk up that way....'


'HellifIknow! I DO know that I'd better get my skinny ass off of the street and soon!'

Gruene is 60 miles away from home. And, provided I could make it to the interstate without raising the suspicion of local law men... I really didn't want to be hitching at three a.m.

I headed into a parking lot, toward the river. Figured I could settle in 'til sun up.

As it happened, that parking lot was adjacent to a B&B, with a nice patio.

And, nice patio furniture. I hunkered into a white wicker chair with a nice thick cushion.

I no sooner caught my breath when a young spike deer skid around the corner! We stared at each other for a moment. To be honest, I'm not sure who was more startled. I was content that he didn't have a badge.

He loped off and I settled back, for a while...

'Til I heard a skittering through the early leaves...

'Uh-oh!' A skunk was making his rounds. He sniffed around the patio in a totally random pattern, he lingered under my cozy chair. I'd of rather gone to jail than get sprayed by a skunk.

He skittered. I froze, held my breath.

He moved on and soon after, so did I.

I hoofed it off down the road to hot coffee and a faulty pay phone. The night clerk let me use his cell phone to call the Cavalry, I got the Cavalry Voice Mail.

I headed South. The Cavalry intercepted and I get to write about it now.

Still, I need more...


Bob Barbanes said...

Good story, but you know, that ending was kinda vague - about how and why you were wandering around Gruene alone at 0-dark-thirty. You left off the part about how your cohorts left you for dead and took off for home IN YOUR TRUCK! I'm surprised that the skunk-on-the-patio wasn't headed back to S.A. with the other two.

Heh- you forgive a whole lot easier than I do. I'd make them take me out on the town again (a closer one this time) and have all the drinks be on them. ;)

Hal Johnson said...

I agree with the married women sentiment. But then, it really helps if they tell you they're married BEFORE instead of AFTER. But then, I wouldn't know about that sorta stuff, I've just read about it.