Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Music

Back to the formative days.

Back to the 'Squad Room'. No not a military reference, per quod.

The room in question was a converted garage.

The conversion of the garage was a result of, "What the F*&K are we gonna do?! We raised three boys. I retired. Now, we've got Four More To Raise!"

Logistics were something the Ol' SGT Major understood very well.

He played his part to the "T".

Amongst his losses and sacrifices, the garage was a small thing. It became a barracks for four boys.

We adapted.


All things considered though... It could have been worse and WE could be worse men...

Oops. This was supposed to be a music post.

A week or so ago the Architect reminded me of the lyrics to "Duncan" the Paul Simon song. Today I picked up the "Essential Paul Simon" and "Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits".

That's how I found myself back in the old Squad Room.

THAT'S why I love music so much.

I might be stealing this line and I don't mean to but, music has a way of turning my outsides to see where my insides have been.

Even though some of the tunes on these discs are a little, blue, sorta, they take me to a time when all was not well but there was still time.

Time to fix everything.

Time to fulfill dreams.

Time for it to all work out, in the end.

The time when I fell in love. When I fell in love I was listening to some of these very same songs.

I still believe in dreams and love and the future.

Good thing too because when I stop believing it will be time for some of ya'll to start checking tide tables.

In music, or the appreciation of music, there is music that we discover, music we grow into, and music that 'discovered us'. Songs that found us at the right time and place. At the moment, Mr. Simon is reminding me of all of this and oh so many other things. I appreciate that.

"... had a heart like a bone... there's a mean individual stranded in a limousine... left that neighborhood just like a rattlesnake sheds his skin.. Lord, Lord... gonna divvy up the reward but the mean individual vanished in the black of night'!!!

(A sorta not really related aside here, "Coach, I got's my Dave Clarks in my hand. I think I'm ready to get back in the game." We'll soon see. I'll squawk 123.72 to let ya know.)

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Bob Barbanes said...

Man, you are SO right about music, so right. Don't other people feel it? I could make my blog totally about music - and just might! This flying gig ain't all it's cracked up to be.

I loved Paul Simon's first solo album. "Mother And Child Reunion"! But "Duncan" also - great song! Sorta "El Condor Pasa"-ish, but a wonderful coming-of-age story. "Ooooh-ee, I's about as destituted as a kid could be. And I wished I owned a ring so I could hock it. I'd like to hock it." And yes, it's on the iPod (but you knew that), along with "M&CR," "Kodachrome" (how I love that one), the beautiful "St. Judy's Comet" and "Outrageous" from the new album. Paul Simon was and is great.

Glad to hear about those David Clarks ;)