Friday, August 3, 2007

Deadline Day

Earlier this week I went up to Brightledge to help out with a load of data that needed to be post marked that day.

Pretty cool it was! Fun really. Looking at the craftsmanship of another and appreciating the effort that went into the proposal.

It was all business there for a while as we assembled the pieces.

We carried the big box to UPS and launched it with HOURS to spare.

It felt kind of like sending a message in a bottle. Set it out on the tide... then see who responds.

So, it was time to pop the cork and say bon voyage to the big box as it drifted away.


It was a 'Holy Shmo' moment as it hit me, "I THINK Johnny Winter is playing at Texas Pride BBQ tonight!? Gotta go! See ya."

Shmo 'nuff.

I made it to the show that I wasn't sure was going to be with time to spare.

I am so glad that I did.

There were five other bands up prior to the Legend.

I have only good things to say and remember about all of them!

The acoustics at the outdoor venue suck but it didn't stop the heart and soul coming through.

Mike Milligan and the Altar Boyz were first up.

"Great Ghost and Mrs Muir"!!! Can Mike Milligan play the harp.

HarpS. He had a case full that would make any wannabe drool. I think he played them all.

I followed him around after the set. I got a chance to talk with him. His autograph is the only one on my show poster. Nice guy.

(I have found that 90% of the people I've heard play lately are very approachable and friendly.)

The beat rolled on as band after band played.

Johnny Winter took the big stage pretty late in the evening.

It seems to be quite a struggle for him to make it from the trailer to the stage but when he sits down... All of the years seem to melt away and his hands work their voodoo.

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