Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank You Very *&#%#$ Much

Thank you Mr Leech. I can't possibly express my deep appreciation for the $.55 per hour "raise".

I can't convey my joy.

I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to contribute even MORE of my hard work to you.

I'm delighted to be a larger contributor to your plan for the redistribution of wealth in America.

I'm tickled that you now have additional funding with which to finance your next raise.

Gee Mr Leech, sure wish I got to vote on my raises. Shucks that must be really neato.

'Cause I'd sure vote for a raise that would net me a FRIGGING increase in my take home pay!

OH! You've got that figgered out dontchya Mr Leech.

Well, I'll damn sure vote against you.

Your opponent will be another parasite. I'll vote against him too, at the first opportunity.

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